Men in Sagging Pants and the women who date them: Just Sayin for Thursday March 24,2011

This is going to be very short…..

Trends….    Its all a matter of taste.  Good and Bad

Some looks,  old men in tight  Abercrombie & Fitch shirts, cheap weaves, (stop playing, that yarn and that shiny stuff made by US Plastics, looks nothing like anyone’s hair) grown men and women wearing pajamas in public is rough, but for me the most offensive, is men in Sagging Pants

Seriously, is this a look?

Everytime I see some manboy walk by, I’m screaming inside, pull Up your frigging pants!

It is said, that some women dress for women.  I think this look has to appeal to other men.

With the pants below the hips ,they can’t run……   They’re always adjusting the pants…. and some come with a personal touch. ,  Have you ever stood in line behind some of these guys?   You want to hang an Air Wick on the elastic of the shorts…..and lets not visit the skidmarks.

Yesterday, I saw this thirtysomething man with a attractive slightly older woman on the K-Street mall walking arm in arm and his assets were out, in the rain.  Thinking to myself, Really? where did u find this one- Convicts dot com?

I rarely see women, with these sagging men, but for the women who do. A question?

Do you go out in public with saggs?  Has  he met your friends and family?

I have a young daughter…… her boyfriend is not safe…..  It is in his best interest to keep the pants high   HIGH!!!

Looking at the pictures above, I cant imaging a father being silent.  Your never quite sure who is the one.   Can they support each other or should we make another dinner setting.?      The door opens and there he is, Mr Sagg- I can imagine some father wanting to reach for his gun.(hang on a minute)    He has to be saying to himself

Where does saggs work?  Where does saggs live ( mama city?)

If my daughter or family member introduced  a sagg while I were in a hospital, I would disconnect every vital plug in to choke the fool ……

Just Sayin, For Thursday, March 24,2011

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2 thoughts on “Men in Sagging Pants and the women who date them: Just Sayin for Thursday March 24,2011

  1. Why do you stare at our asses then? When you have something to say, then say it IN OUR FACE! Not blogging it, coward.
    Everyone has his opinion, i know that, but really. You are starring at our asses. This isn’t gay or something.
    Have a nice day, sir.


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