Sacrandom: Radiation,Rihanna,and Heads of Lettuce

Two heads are better than one: David and Goliath (The Dollar Stores vs Wally Mart)  Wally is not having a good time.  He’s being attacked on all fronts. called it the worst store in America.  Its the least loved store on Social Media. Its being sued for discrimination by more than one million women.  Surveys show its rival Target has lower prices, the company is losing customers to the Dollar Stores.  Remember when its slogan was “Always Low Prices,Always’ they have quietly changed it to: Save Money live better: Yesterday at the West Sac Superstore a head of  Iceberg Lettuce was $1 58 about the same as Safeway.  At the 99 cents only store,  two heads of lettuce was ninty nine cents…..C ya Wally.

Go Courtney, Go Courtney, Go Gourtney: M’s Dempsey was showin her moves on GDS 31 Lady Gaga’ High Tea promo…   She was serving up some  fresh hott off the griddle Confidence and  ” I got this!  Attitude!!!!   Go Courtney!



Free Fall….. Got your heart set on that S Class or the Bimmer 7 series?  Well hold on tight, as those giant standard of luxury resales value drops faster than a Southwest Boeing 737.  If you bought a twin turbo S Class you paid between 150-to 170k today that car is worth 70K , nearly 70% drop in depreciation. BMW7 series has a 65% drop.



‘Sticks and Stones may break her bones but Whips and Chains excite her” Note to Chris Brown, stop throwing chairs out windows, try meditation, your ex Rihanna has giving you a pass or at least a pause card. S S S N N N N



Forced to stay in Stockton: With gas prices over four dollar the all electric,Nissan Leaf seems like a sweet ride, as long as that ride is less than its 99 mile projected limit.



Take that Del Taco! Late night eating is Davis is challenging..  its Jack in the Box, In and Out before one and after two its Del Taco and their non gourmet tacos, but restaurants are opening in the Bike Republic  as we chew,can’t you just smell those IHOP pancakes?



Media Conspiracy? With their own web site, Facebook, polls showing  Sacramentians are SO ovah  the Sac Kings (oops  Anaheim Royals) continue to dominate the news… Come on there has to be a cat in a tree somewhere?



Fishing in Natomas?: After spending the majority of his term thumbing his nose at the Natomas Chamber attempting to relocate the Arena  to undeveloped Railyards , the Mayor has rediscovered Natomas.  He wants to” reset the new vision” . R u running again?



Many locals are  concerned about the radiation for the Japanese Nuclear Reactor” Try this, take a large mirror into a room and turn out the lights..  If there is a green reflection in the mirror, this could be a sign , or a visit from your Dead Aunt Myrna*



* you don’t have a dead Aunt Myrna… Surprise!


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