SOP (Stupid on Parade) Man leaves t-shirt with his picture at crime scene

Jonathan Huntley is a handsome man, the 25 year old felon spent six years of his young life locked in a North Carolina Prison for armed robbery and breaking and entering.  He was released from the big house in November.

Inspired the brainiac used an old mug shot for the picture with the slogan (clearly an English Major) “Making Money is My Thang”

His  chosen profession is breaking and entering , he is one of two suspects, in a home invasion last week in Charlotte.   Mr Huntley’s tee fell out of the getaway car near the home.   His tee shirt appeared on the local tv show “Crime Stoppers”.  Mr Huntley fearing the jig was up surrendered to the police the following day.


Something Old, Something New

New, Taken Last Week

Old Photo (used for the T)

Charged with  robbery and breaking and entering with force, both felonies, Huntley is being held at the Mecklenburg County Jail in lieu of $30,000 bond.

It appears like  after six or seven months Mr Huntley will return to the Big House.

What will happen to the Tee?- After all he was just doin his “Thang”