The Videotaping Millionaire is heading for the Big House

Sacramento’s once popular real estate mogul philanthropist millionaire Michael Lyon  is going to jail next week

He is to report to Rio Consumes Correctional Center in Elk Grove, by 2 p.m. on May 9 to begin serving his time.

Lyon pleaded guilty to electronic eavesdropping, charges that stemmed from his secret videotaping of interactions he had with four prostitutes he hired from online services.

There were many in the community who felt with Mr Lyon’s connections in the community he would not  do time in jail, however the District Attorney Office opposed home detention.

His sentence  is a year in the big house and typically could serve six to nine months of that in jail, with the remainder of his sentence excused for good behavior and work credits.  However, actual time in jail could be less than 60 days with the rest being served at home.