A dead Osama Bin Laden and that uneasy feeling

It was almost a typical Sunday evening, The Amazing Race was on,  and just as I was going to find out which team was going to be eliminated the show was interrupted by ‘A Special Report from CBS News  ” American Forces have killed Osama Bin Laden”   I listened without  reaction.

I considered turning off the television as a dear friend was packing, on route to New York.  This friend called that early morning of September 11, demanding that my wife and I turn on the TV, he was screaming into the phone as we watched one of the towers burn and before we could react, we watched together as the plane flew into the second tower.  He lives in the East Village in Manhattan and like many New Yorkers has not fully recovered from the events of 9/11.

I could have turned off the television, but he would have asked why?    To my surprise his reaction was calmer that I expected.    That changed when he received a call from friends in Florida, telling him that all airports were at high alert.       I reassured him, by telling him a concocted story about it taking them four months to plan the 9/11 attack.  The story calmed him.

Neither one of us celebrated, Osama Bin Laden’s murder, the reported mastermind behind the 9/11  attacks.    Are reaction was of a what next?   Its was heart warming  to see all Americans on TV singing the national anthem and chanting USA, USA.   We are all proud of the specials forces, the team of 40 who successfully eliminated this man.  Happy that it took place during President Obama’s watch, after a personally (the birth certificate) humiliating week.

My stomach did flip flops as I drove my friend to the Airport (damm why didn’t he live  in Houston)  I was uneasy, my mind had thoughts of disaster (  Jet Blue flight from Sacramento crashes into Chrysler building ) relieved  when I heard his voice at  Kennedy.

I find it difficult to join in the celebration.  Celebrating the death of a Terrorist.  While I am happy, that he is no longer with us, my fear is the unknown.   Will the next attack be in San Francisco as I drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, or will the be  target a smaller town like Sacramento?

I cant remember being this uneasy and I’m sure in time it will go away.  Until then its just a matter of when.


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