Adam, OxyContin is bad-ask Rush Limbaugh

They were hungry, hungry for OxyContin and if  Adam Roland didn’t rob the CVS store in South Lake Tahoe his children were gonna be killed!

That was the story he  told the Police Sunday, they had his 4 and 7 year old.  He was a victim of a home invasion and as he was telling his story to the police, he saw the suspects car drive by.

The police sprung into action, five agencies were called surrounding South Lake Tahoe to apprehend the kidnappers.

After being questioned by the police, Adam admitted the story was fiction, he had planned the robbery.  It seems he owes money to friends and  with the CVS robbery his debt would be paid.

His kids?  oh they are with their mother in Bay Area.

Adam is in El Dorado County Jail on suspicion of conspiracy to commit a crime, attempted robbery and false reporting of an emergency.

Bad Adam, bad Adam, OxyContin is bad….. ask Rush Limbaugh

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  1. That is a super-peachy-keen post. Thanks for really blathering on like that! Seriously, I don’t think I could have spent more effort wishing for something heavy to fall on me to erase that nonsense from my mind!


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