Sir Vesa’s Mexican Grill ” When euphemism’s aren’t enough”

Your at dinner at someone’s home and your friend or partner whisper’s to you,how’s your food ? and they look at you and whisper back its okay?

That euphemism(“okay”) meaning its terrible,awful, I think I’m gonna die! (perhaps that was a bit much) just bad.  You take your fork and scan  the plate for that one special bite that just might surprise.  In Sacramento, most Mexican (a very competitive segment) restaurants most use fresh ingredients..  At many of the areas Taqueria’s  you can see the meat and fresh vegetables prepared in front of you.

This was not the case at El Dorado Hills “Sir Vesa’s Mexican Grill” located in the Town Center near the Regal Theaters.

The initial service was good, are Tortilla Chips arrived immediately along with a generous supply of guacamole, the Tortillas seemed to come out of a bag and set the theme for the evening.

Our Dining experience went downhill from there.   After 45 minutes in an uncrowded restaurant half the entrées arrived warm.   The second half arrived 15 minutes later , again warm not hot.

Nothing seemed fresh, the sauces had that canned flavor, one of the Guest ordered a Chicken Taco Salad, and said  lettuce was bagged and the tiny cubed chicken was processed  with a hint of beans and cheese (this is a Mexican restaurant?).  Scanning around the table, most of the diners pushed their food around, most people left large portions (not a good sign)  When asked the diners said,  its “okay”.

The manager and the staff went out of their way to apologize for the delays, but what they couldn’t fix was the taste and quality of the food.

Finally, the kiss of death for  many restaurants is the cleanliness of its restrooms.   Many believe it is the eye of the restaurant for some an unclean restroom often means a dirty kitchen its about details and it is often my first stop.  Sir Vesa’s  small men’s and women’s restroom where littered with paper on the floor and counter tops.