Skinny/Thin people should be banned from all you can eat Restaurants!

Southwest Airlines requires people of size (FAT PEOPLE) to purchase extra tickets, I think skinny people should be banned from all,all u can eat establishments.

I’m not a fan of these eating or grazing establishments, my friend insisted that this particular restaurant has improved.

It’s 6pm in Sacratomatoville, prime grazing time on a Sunday evening, in front of us, three super-thin people, behind us, hungry herd of cattle- a big ole family,ready to get their eat on, impatiently complaining about the slow moving line.

This is an old style smorgy  with two lanes and beginning with a salad bar, the super-thin group was having a very animated conversation about an earlier movie, the herd in back was bumping into us…   The group in front was carefully inspecting the lettuce and talking about the caloric values of each and  every leaf, debating carbs,and agonizing about what was up front and how they where going to balance their plates and hoping they could get a fresh  banana.

This isn’t  the first time I have been slowed by skinny people,in restaurants or heard the debate (carbs vs protein) or subjected to the food terrorists ( Do you know how many calories are in that slice or pie!) or (you know how long it will take you to burn off that cheeseburger?)

Skinny people!, grab and move(I said to myself) save the discussion for the table.   Meanwhile we could feel the heat from the cattle and insisted that they move ahead us.  The leader of the skinny people noticed grandma’s intense stare and speed, she wisely realized that with some hot sauce she  could become an appetizer for the hefty family of six .

Sitting, we noticed the Skinny people slowly pick through their food, they seemed disgusted with the quality of  the food.

Most people choose smorgys because they get more bang for their buck!   Its not a place for people watching their weight or the weight of their friends, in fact calorie counting Skinny people could be killed  if they mistakenly stood in front a dessert steamer.

I’m not a small person, some have suggested that I could cast a shadow over a small Japanese Village.    While I am not a smorgy fan, I know the drill, I am experienced in the quickspoon, I studied tong handing at KFC, I can fill my plate with 30 different items in 4.3 minutes.

All you can eat restaurants is not the place for them, and they should be banned.  Join me and gets this thing on the ballot.   Its not discrimination, its a public safety issue.

Finally to my friend who said the restaurant improved? It didn’t, it still sucked