“2 more shopping Days to Judgement Day”, Chuck E Cheese Addiction, Make Room for “Gloria” Allred, Where did you say Greyhound is? “Just saying for Thursday,May 19th 2011”

Greyhound Bus Station, Sacramento, Californiafrom Roadside Architecture: Greyhound Bus Stations
1940s bus station in Sacramento
From the site:

This Sacramento  station was supposedly built in the 1930s.  However, the exterior looks  more like 1940s to me.   The interior floor features a terrazzo  “running dog”.  In 2008, it was announced that Greyhound will be moving  to a new location. This building may be developed into a hotel.  For  more, see these websites:  1 and 2.

Buy that Porsche Today!

You mean you haven’t finished shopping!!!!   Get 2 it!   There are only 2 more shopping days to Judgement Day!    Contra Costa Time reports the Oakland based Family Radio has seen a spike in donations allowing the non profit to pay for more than 5000 billboards.

It’s is not about money, say’s President Harold Camping and board member Tom Evans. It’s about spreading the Gospel and saving as many people as possible.

On the morning of the 23, will there be a spike in people applying for bankruptcy?


Can your child walk away?

Where did your addition begin?   Debbie Keller believes those token games played by millions of children  at Chuck E Cheese’s pizza resturamt’s  is a gateway to a gambling  addiction.   Her 3 and 5 are at risk and she  wants all the games removed from all the Chuck E  Cheese restaurants and is suing Chuck E for 5 million dollars.    Perhaps she wants to send the toddlers to rehab.

Mommy,  “I  need tickets, tickets, tickets.


The Camera shy Lady in the Red Suit

Let’s be clear, Arnold can keep secrets and his bonuses are generous.  Camera shy Gloria Allred has picked up her red suit from the cleaners.  Bet you a pair of Minolos and a Gucci bag  she is scouring the countryside for other employers.


Musical Bus Stations

The  Sacramento Greyhound station on L street is one the the busiest Greyhound stations in the country   However, some of its patrons are grimy and many of the surrounding business would like to see it go away   Soooo in these times of fiscal conservatism  the station is moving to Richards Boulevard  near the new police station.  Richards Blvd is a temporary home until it moves to a transportation center in the Railyards.  Y you say?  Clueless here.

One wonders who is paying for all this?  or  is it too easy?