When the Music is Bad

It’s 11:52 its a warm night in Sacramento, there are lines all over midtown/downtown waiting to get into the clubs.        After 10 minutes you and your crew enters, looking for a place to sit.   The crowd is lively, the setting is blue cool.

Once finding a place, we head for the dance floor, Ki$ha is Blowin…with every corner  taken we squeeze in, Chris Brown keeps up on the floor, then the DJ changes up with some random electronic jam, its okay (now there more room on the floor) then he follows with more techno…. (we hang) then more, the dance floor is turning into a ghost town.

The DJ is cuing more music…. hopeful we hang on …its more random stuff.   The DJ seems ablivious  to the floor.    A guy approaches the booth, the DJ nods, more shitty music.  Finally a little S&M (the crowd returns) followed by Kate Perry and Super Bass, then he returns to the techno mess.

The best DJ’s at Faces, the old Avalon, are in tuned with the crowds….    Techno,slow rap, is good in small amounts, the best DJ’s can entertain and surprise us with a variety of music.

After paying anywhere from $5.oo to $30 at the door, you feel ripped if the music is bad….  Returning after a poor evening is unlikely.      Word of mouth can close a club…..

DJ’s on notice

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Moved to the Big Tomata in the nineties from San Francisco. No Suburbs for me with its single colored houses and lawns and the excitement of pulling out my trash can once a week. I'm a CityFella , a part time New Yorker. I'm happiest in the Center City where people the streets and people are alive. I'm still waiting to buy a 34th floor condo somewhere downtown/Midtown with a nightclub. "Hurry I'm old" My politics are somewhere in the middle with a needle that constantly moves. I'm too liberal to be a Republican and too conservative to be a Democrat. Everything interests me . I've come to love Sacratomato, Its a nice town in cheap sensible shoes .

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