Surviving Judgement Day, The Simmons Scandal, Disliking Star Jones, Just Sayin for Monday,May 23,2011

Good morning, its Monday, May 23rd nearly two full days after judgement day.  The comment section was overloaded with “ha ha I told you so, after 6pm on Saturday. Where were they on Friday?  Despite everything I know and have read, 10% percent of me was concerned(what if they are correct?) and on Friday, I ate my way through Uganda.   Saturday morning was my Judgement Day(yes Lawd, I’m ready take me)  as I was stuffed beyond belief.

Many people across the nation, sold their homes and quit their jobs some made large donations to Family Radio.   To be fair Iceland’s  Grimsvotn volcano erupted on Saturday and there was a mild earthquake in Hercules at 7.41 pm.

No one really knows when the world will end.  There will always be predictions.  Those people who where disappointed at 6:01pm will survive .  Leaders at Family Radio are not likely to admit they were wrong, there will be some divine justification  as to the why’s.  One wonders if they will do the right thing to those who made the supreme sacrifice and can’t buy gas this morning?

The truth is even though we joked about it. A lot  of us had a tingle of concern, the billboards drove many to church and some people renewed their faith.    Lemonade anyone?


Bill and Jan Simmons of  Paradise ,  are separating after 31 years of marriage.   It seems Bill, a bus driver fathered two children with a close family friend 24 years ago.     The friend said, the children were consieved  on the Simmons marital bed.    Jan, have left the family home.

Many people in this small community are shocked as the Simmons and their 7 children and 6 grandchildren are well known.

The Simmons are fiction, they do not exist.   While I shouldn’t be surprised , I am.  The outpouring of prayers and support for the Schwarzenegger’s is amazing.   Strangers offering support to Maria and family.

The truth is, whats happening to the Schwarzenegger’s is happening to families all over the world and it is sad.         Next…..


John Rich is the 2011 Celebrity Apprentice.   The Trumpster brought back all the suspects…that made this year fun…    Star, Nene, Gary (who stole the segment)the coward David Cassidy who made seem to make fun of Richard Hatch’s(yes he is jail- in connection with a charge that he violated the terms of his release by failing to file federal income tax returns).  Latoya, Meatloaf,  Notably absent was Dionne Warwick (don’t think anyone missed Jose Canceco)  Lisa Rinna’s  boobs seemed to rest  on Star Jones’s head.

While the men were cool and seemed to like each other…

Lisa-Star and NeNe-Star feud was fresh as ever.   NeNe-Latoya feud was short lived and the soft spoken Latoya defended NeNe saying initially Star used Nene.     Star stuck back,saying Nene only attacked black women (which is true-but it was the Black women this season who where agressive-with the exception of Latoya ) making it seem like a racial issue .

Nene Leaks, the mouth of Atlanta is extremely sensitive, and outspoken she seems to wear her heart on her sleeve.  Despite her rants, she seems to be well liked.

I was a fan of Star Jones when she was on “The View”   I loved her confidence as a large professional woman, and then the wedding and she lost me.   The show became Star’s Wedding Special and I stopped watching.     When she lost weight,she seemed less likable.

There is  little love for Star Jones on Celebrity Apprentice.  M’s Jones,  attorney, poised and professional,played the game.    No one seemed to have nice words for her.. She was the last one chosen during the final task with former teammate Marlee Matlin passing on her.    Again, despite the mouth, Star had the most fights.

She hasn’t found love late night, from Craig Ferguson to Jimmy Fallon.

I was happy when she was fired, but she played the game.   One would think Nene’s insecurity would repel fans, but her base is growing.

Some says she is an elitist ,what ever it is Star is a negative, and her appearance on Celebrity Apprentice only confirmed this.

Just Saying for Monday,May 23,2011