Tattoo could keep “Hangover 2” from opening

Who owns a tattoo, the bearer or the artist, or both?

It’s a question that has few legal precedents, but is likely to become increasingly important, as more and more people get tattoos and intellectual property law tries to keep pace.

The issue will go before a judge starting Monday, as Mike Tyson’s tattoo artist, S. Victor Whitmill, sues Warner Brothers for depicting a tattoo similar to the famous boxer’s in the new film ‘Hangover 2’.

Ed Helms's Tattoo is rumoured to be a Copy of Mike Tyson's face tattoo.
: Actor Mike Tyson arrives at the premiere of Warner Bros.

Ink brothers: Ed Helms’ character sports a tattoo in ‘Hangover 2’ that parodies that of co-star Mike Tyson. But the artist who did Mr Tyson’s ink is suing the movie studio for copyright infringement as a result