Grand Slam Tuesday ” Dirty Denny’s-Boring Bee-Sacramento Magazine-Power Balance Pavilion”

Its very difficult to ruin a breakfast, eggs, toast potatoes, fried meat coffee and Juice.  Denny’s has this down to a science, (they have some of the thinnest bacon on the planet)   This morning, I visited the Denny’s on Watt Ave off 80.  When I entered (about 8 am) the floors and some of the furniture was dirty,bits of food and crumbs were under nearly every table.  Cleaning the restaurant shouldn’t have been a challenge as I was the only other customer.       Within a few feet of me was a carpet  sweeper.  I was very tempted to grab it and go through the restaurant.  Perhaps they were trying to protect me from the fumes from the sweeper.      The cleanliness of my table was questionable  so I asked for extra napkins.    The staff was full of good humor and chatted away, ignoring the obvious TLC needed in the restaurant.   My coffee cup remained full (remember there was only one other customer) and hot.

This is the second time in the last few weeks I’ve encountered a dirty Denny’s.  The Denny’s on Madison off I 80 was very dirty on a  Wednesday evening, food on the floor chairs and booths. Again the staff was fairly chatty.

Last year my daughter and I was startled as a cockroach  came from somewhere under the table to scurry pass her dinner plate at a centrally located Denny’s .   The Howe Ave Denny’s has been consistently clean and the service at all local Denny’s has been good to date.   But for now I may have to pass on the Sacramento Area Dennys.

I read nearly 15 newspapers a day looking for interesting articles from all over the world.   My favorite papers are the New York Times,  NY Post, The Oregoniean, The Local from Sweeden.   Most newspapers are dull.  The Sac Bee is a meat and potatoes daily, with excellent coverage of the capitol and good coverage of I Street, beyond that it too is boring.  Saved only by Marco Breton who’s columns are stimulating, you may not agree with his views but he is never dull.     Sacramento the entertainment center of the metro area.  The Bee doesn’t offer a Social page,for the cities elite, no coverage  of the Ballet or Symphony.   If you want in deft reporting, fun and entertainment, you’ll have to wait until Thursday, for the Sacramento News and Review,

Speaking of yawning, I was glancing through the Sacramento Magazine Saturday afternoon, seconds seemed like days, when I came too  BelAir was closing.   The cure for the Sacramento Magazine is SacTown, its lively and provocative.

After months of blank arena, the Power Balance Pavilion sign is illuminated , now if they can just change those freeway signs( Arco Arena-next two exits) for the  people who live outside Sacramento

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