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Not long ago,consumers where shelling out thousands for flat panel television.   A good friend spent ten grand for a 40 inch Pioneer Plasma.  Today flat panels are under $200 and falling, $400 dollars will buy you a 40 inch.

If you’ve  becomed a member of the new world,  you’ll find it difficult to unload your top of the line one billion pound 36 inch Sony Trinitron   The thrift stores are filled with them.

Once you’ve made the leap, the next step is a blue ray player and a home theater system.  Connecting a home theater system is often complicated,  the front and center speakers are a snap, but the rear speakers and the subwoofer and the placement of the wires can take hours.

Enter Bose….. The company that specializes in small direct reflecting speakers.    For a large sound  most manufacturers build coventional large speakers weighing a hundred pounds or more.  Bose has impressed us for years .  Coaxing big sound from small speakers.    Bose’s production of its  flagship speaker the “901” began in 1968, 43 years later the 901  continues to sell well today.

Last fall, Bose introduced “Videowave”  this system marries Video and Audio in one unit.  Almost,  Huh, you say?    Bose takes a 46 inch flat screen TV and in the rear of the TV, there are several speaker in the unit,  these speakers reflect sound giving the viewer full 5.1 surround sound.  No wires, no placement, a small unit( electronic unit (weighs less than 2 pounds allows you to connect your blue ray, Ipod, cable/satelite.    Bose has taken a page from Apple, designing a small intuitive remote with 7 buttons, the remote  controls any device attached to the unit.   Anyone familar with and I-phone, pad, will have no probelm getting this unit up and running.

The sound is amazing, the bullets ricochet from the rear walls, the speakers easily produced clear deep sounds..  No wires, no speaker stands.

All of this comes at a price.  Over five grand.  Bose will bring and set up the ninty nine pound TV at your home.    Five K is a lot for a television.  I cant imagine my home without a home theater, there is at least  three miles of speaker wire, some hidden under a bumpy throw rug,  the wires are unsightly.    Arranging furniture often means unplugging  and rerouting.   The convience of having everying in one unit sounds very appealing.    If you can relate to this do not go to a Bose Factoy store.


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  1. Yes, A Videowave, would make me extremely happy, until the next one comes out. (we must be at the top of the curve)
    tell a friend


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