Giving it ALL for Iowa

Premature?  Saying Goodbye To Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorium and hello to  Ron Paul and Gary Johnson

The Iowa Straw Poll, the first real test for Republican Candidates for President. Will take place August 13, 2011  in Ames Iowa.  Participents mingle with locals  in a  setting that’s a cross between a country club dinner and a county fair.   Candidates purchase booths (with the proceeds going to the Iowa Republican Party) where they can chat with attendees.   Location is everything and prime locations near the enterance can be pricy.

Any Iowan  purchasing a ticket  of voting age can vote and while the Poll’s results are non-binding  Many winners of the straw poll have gone on to win the Republican Presidential nomination.

Enter “The Family Leader”

Based in Pleasant Hill, The Family Leader is Christian conservative organization.


The FAMiLY LEADER provides a consistent, courageous voice in the churches, in the legislature, in the media, in the courtroom, in the public square…always standing for God’s truth.


The FAMiLY LEADER champions the principle that God is the ultimate leader of the family.  Our goal at The FAMiLY LEADER is to honor and glorify God – not a political party, not a candidate, and not a program.  The FAMiLY LEADER is a Christ-centered organization that will lead with humility and service to strengthen and protect the family.

 The organization has asked every 2012 presidential candidate (including President Obama) to sign A Pro Family Pledge.

The document, which includes a total of 14 points, is titled, “The Marriage Vow — A Declaration of Dependence Upon Marriage and Family.” Leaders of the organization say the pledge opposes abortion and the repeal of policies that threaten marriage between one man and one woman.

Personal fidelity to his/her spouse, appointing faithful constitutionalists as judges, opposition to any redefinition of marriage, and support for legal advocacy for the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) are included, as are humane efforts to protect women and children from things like sex trafficking and pornography, rejection of anti-women sharia Islam, and commitment to downsizing government.


 Sharia is the most fundamental body of Islamic canonical laws derived from four sources:

  • The Koran
  • The Sunnah, or the customs, everyday habits and religious practices of the Prophet Muhammad as recorded by his companions and family.
  • The Hadith, or Ahadith, the recorded actions and teachings of the Prophet not found in the Koran).
  • The ijma, or “universal agreement” within the Muslim community that defines what the Koran and the Sunnah mean, although the principle of ijma has come to mean both an opposition to traditional authority and a principle of toleration.It is the principle and source least applied, if applied at all, in modern Islam’s derivation of Sharia, which tends to be repressive, discriminatory (especially of women) and unforgiving of miscreants and lawbreakers. In journalist Fareed Zakaria’s summation, Sharia means “no music, no liquor, no smoking, no female emancipation.”

“Part of our role in Iowa is to find out where the presidential candidates stand, and eventually [where] other candidates for other offices stand on the institution of marriage, both personally and as a matter of policy,” explains Chuck Hurley, president of the IFPC.

He says the group’s proposal was created in response to several cases of marital infidelity among political leaders and the recent vote to approve same-sex “marriage” in New York.

“Certainly at the ballot box, when these people are asking for our votes, we can withhold our votes from those who are unwilling to honor [marriage],” the IFPC president urges. “As the scripture says, the marriage bed is to be honored by all (Hebrew 13:4). It’s been defiled by many, and we need to take a stand on that; we need to speak up. This is God’s first institution. As marriage and family goes, so goes the nation.

One controversail section in the” Marriage Vow ” included language in its preamble that implied that black children had better family conditions during slavery than today.

“Slavery had a disastrous impact on African-American families, yet sadly a child born into slavery in 1860 was more likely to be raised by his mother and father in a two-parent household than was an African-American baby born after the election of the USA’s first African-American president.

Today, the Slavery reference was removed.           Gay Marriage is legal in Iowa

Outside Iowa

Minnesota Congresswoman  Michele Bachmann  and Pennsylvania Congressman Rick Santorum are the only Presidential Candidates who signed the Pledge.   Bachmann is considered one of the front runners going into the Straw Poll, she has been campaigning in the State for nearly a month. The question for these candidates will their signature on the pledge haunt them after Iowa?  Both candidates are very conservatives, Rick Santorum’s Position of gays and Islam may be a hard sell in 2012 America.   Bachmann says she didn’t see the slavery language, missing that passage might call her attention to detail in the future days of the campaign.

Ron Paul’s Last Stand

The GOP has been criticized  of having a narrow focus, a limited voice.  Texas Congressman Ron Paul was a voice in the wilderness, largely ignored by the power brokers in party, Paul attracted the young who felt disenfranchised by the GOP. Member’s of the Military  donated more money to Ron Paul Campaign than any other Republican Candidate by a large margin.  Popular on Colleges and largely ignored by the media, Ron Paul message was different, he critized his party’s spending and accused  his fellow members of Congress have increased government spending by 75 percent during  George W Bush’s administration, and despite the parties indifference, Ron Paul campaign funds surpassed every Republican Candidate , at end of the primary his campaign had a 4 million surplus which was invested into the new political action and advocacy group called  Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty.   Ron Paul finished 5th in the last Straw Poll and John McCain finished 10th.

Who is Gary Johnson?

Former two term New Mexico Governor and 2012 Gop Presidential Candidate  Gary Johnson spoke out against The Family Leader Pledge.

“Government should not be involved in the bedrooms of consenting adults. As a Republican, I am an advocate of liberty and the elimination of unnecessary government intervention into our lives.

“This pledge is offensive to those principles, and as far as I am concerned, it is un-Republican and un-American.”

Gary Johnson will never discriminate against those who don’t fit a particular definition of ‘virtue’ or attack minority segments of our population to score political points.

 “this type of rhetoric gives Republicans a bad name.”

Candidates who treat freedom like a game and promote the denial of liberty in order to appeal to a small constituency of the Republican Party will never capture the White House in 2012. The reality is that most Americans want no part of pledges like these.

At a time when our economy is reeling, our main focus should be on eliminating the budget deficit and solving the economic problems facing our nation.

Reinvigorating the American economy will do more to improve the American family than all the pledges in politics.

Gary Johnson continues to stand up for what’s right, no matter how contentious the issue.  

Known as govenor veto, he adhered strictly to an anti-tax, anti-bureaucracy program, and set state and national records for his use of veto powers: more than the other 49 contemporary governors put together.  He campaigned for campaigning for marijuana decriminalization.    He slashed the size of state government during his term and left the state with a large budget(1 billion dollars) surplus. Johnson endorsed Ron Paul for the Republican presidential nomination.  Like Paul he is his own person.

In February 2011, Johnson was a featured speaker at both the  Conservative Political Action Conference and the Republican Liberty Caucus  At CPAC, “the crowd liked him – even as he pushed some of his more controversial points. Johnson tied with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for third in the CPAC Straw Poll, trailing only Ron Paul and Mitt Romney (and ahead of such notables as former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels  and former Alaska Governor and  Sarah Palin.


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