Did Aliens take the Bannon street Homeless? Just Sayin for Monday, August 1,2011

For the last few years, I have driven passed the Union Gospel Mission on Bannon  Street.  The Mission offers food and shelter an other services for the homeless.  Every night  both sides of the street was filled with homeless people.   Some of the homeless sleep in small tents directly across the street from the mission.   Most sleep on the cold or warm concrete waiting for the mission to open its doors in the morning.     Rain or shine, there are as many a  50 people in the wee hours of the morning men, women and sometimes children sleeping on the ground, rounding the corner directly behind Sacramento  Police  Headquarters on Richards Boulevard.

Last night, there were no homeless on the street .  Did Aliens take the Homeless?    I find the absence of homeless people curious.   The New Greyhound Station officially opened less than a week ago,a half a block from the mission.      For years, many in the city complained about the former Greyhound location on L  Street downtown, some saw the depot as a magnet` for crime.         The current location is temporary, with the final home being in the Railyards as a part of the city’s  intermodal station.

The few of us wondered how the new station would co-exist with the mission.

The homeless situation has been a form of embarrassment for the city since the problem went global via  Lisa Ling and Oprah.   The city has aggressively enforced it no camping policy in recent years,which spawned a law suite, claimed the city recklessly discarded the possessions of the homeless, which the city lost.

So whats happened to the Bannon Street Homeless?   Where they relocated to another planet where they received food and shelter, or did  Sac Po Po, round them up and move them out?

Just Sayin for Monday, August 1, 2011





  1. It wasn’t aliens from afar, but police from nearby that roused [and not carried off] the so-call Bannon Street Irregulars who hang in front of the mission. The opening of the Greyhound Station was indeed the motivation for police clamping down on those who stay in the vicinity of the mission. We will see how long keeping the street clear will stay ontop of the Men in Blue’s to-do list. Of course, my homeless friends have scurried off elsewhere, but if the police don’t keep a vigil, my friends’ll be back. It’s in front of the Union Gospel Mission where many kind-hearted Sack-of-Tomatoes citizens come to feed their hungry, less-well-off brothers.


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