Downtown Plaza, Terminal B, Pizza, Burgers, East Sac and slapping Crystal Harris……

What does a billion dollars buy?   A new terminal at Sacramento International.   The Building is impressive, it makes Terminal A look like a strip mall.   The new Terminal B will replace the current building that dates back to the seventies.   The new terminal uses a people mover to transport travelers to gates.  As I drove  underneath the people mover yesterday, I noticed they where only testing a single car.   Hopefully, this is an oversight as  I already see major delays and complaints  at these cars may hold 80 people at best.    The terminal opens October 6.

Notable closures midtown,  California Pizza Kitchen on 16th and L and Spin on 16th and K.   These two restaurants are surrounded by popular late night clubs and other thriving restaurants.     The Pizza Kitchen was bright and friendly, Spin on the other hand was very dark and looked closed.   The problem could be the menu, if there is one thing the city doesn’t need is another Pizza, and Burger Joint.  There are more than a dozen burger joints downtown/midtown and a dozen pizza restaurants.    There is a shortage of late night eateries downtown…   The Kitchen location, shouldnt remain vacant for long, but please,please,not an I-HOP or Denny’s  (let us pray)

Yes, yes, yes, Sacratomatoville real estate market sucks….  In Elk Grove, Natomas, Antelope and other neighborhoods,  there are at least 4 for sale signs on every block.   In East Sac, my friend and I found only 17 homes for sale. She is relocating from the south bay.Driving her around in East Sac was like looking in a Tiffany window, I always look- cant afford to go in.

Brain Surgery, 40% the apartment vacant  downtown vacancy, fewer state employees=empty mall.  Only if only those 53 story condos were built across the street.   We might have had a Sears in the mall by now…..

Know you, every once in a while you need to get in the mud… Former Playmate, Crystal  Harris 25, was invited to live in Hugh Hefner’s 85, mansion where she didn’t pay rent.   She agreed to marry the man and then stood him up  or called it off ( rumors of reality show) and now is spending whats left of her 15 minutes trashing the man.  Getting lower than low, so I join the classless B in her mud pit.    To say someone needs to slap her with a used Pamper.