Move Ovah Tony- GOP Senator from Puerto Rico Resigns, Roberto Arango post nude pictures on Gay Site

 Its a male thing pure and simple.The Democrats had Wiener Gate.  The Republicans has A**gate.

Republican Senator. Roberto Arango, representing  San Juan in the Senate of  Puerto Rico, abruptly quit this weekend after local media published photos of a man resembling Arango in sexually suggestive poses from a gay-only app called Grindr.

Grindr is a guys-only gay dating app that uses GPS technology to locate potential hook-ups.

The former Senator who reportedly voted for a proposal that would block Gay Marriage in the US  territory.

His initial defense was amnesia….I really don’t remember having taken those pictures of myself, but it doesn’t mean I didn’t take them,” he said in a recent interview with Puerto Rico’s WAPA television. “I really don’t remember.”

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