SACRANDOM: Downtown Ponzi Schemes and the other dark meat

Yeah, he said it….. Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Perry said ” Social Security is a Ponzi  Scheme” at the Debates in California.   Any moment now Perry can expect Democratic dollars in his account.   Say it again Rick!!!  ”  It’s a Ponzi Scheme!   Southern Demos: We jus luv us sum Rick!

Two words of  for  Governor Perry before he gets off the plane in Florida … “Body armor”

Eeeny Weeny Sacramento Beany, the spirits or the Mayor’s Arena Task Force is about to speak.      Its time for da Force to show the NBA where the money is, to finance the new downtown  Arena to Keep The Mighty Kings in da “Big Tomato”    “A hush falls over the city”   The Plan, yes the Plan, well it involves parking, lots of parking  a complex source  of voluntary and involuntary funding  that will trigger privatized exploration ultimately benefiting , Somalian grandmothers,on the holiest days-it will be wonderful (any questions?)

Things that make ya go hmmmm, there are traffic signals all over Saramento, some with arrows others with  BIG” flashing yellow lights.  Most drivers know how they function and yet someone in Sacramento dont trust the patrons of the Power Balance Pavillion.   Before and after events there are City and County Police officers(with spiffy flashlights) directing trafffic under the glow of the traffic signals…hmmmm

Greyhound and the homeless-the homeless and Greyhound .   Its not uncommon for some communitys to ship their homeless to other commuities.  A one way ticket and their homeless problem is  sovled.   For years the Misson on Bannon Street has served Sacramento Homeless for many year.   On an average day, there are several people sleeping on the sidewalks outside the mission.   The Mission is less than a block away from the New Greyhound Station on Richards Blvd.  A couple of days before the station opened, the homeless disapppeard.  Rumorcity… Sacramento Police were haressing the homeless.     A couple of weeks ago, the sleeping bags reappeared.  Last night we counted 40 people sleeping.  Good to see them back.

(Warning, the following is odorless and tasteless)

This is Jeopardy


    Q. Former Boss not a Mob Boss

A. Who is Herman Cain

Former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza , Came in 5th in the Iowa Straw Poll

Two Brothas in November?