ASSHOLE? Fun with Bonnie and Margo at City Hall Tonight!

Sacramento Vice Mayor Apologizes To Woman For Using Expletive ...

Microphones can be tricky.   You think there off and then BOOM, your on the news.      Opened mic’s have ended careers.

One of our favorite gaffes was back in 09 when former(family-values crusader) Assembly member Mike Duvall Representing Orange County, proudly told a colleague, “So I am getting into spanking her… Yeah, I like it… I like spanking her. She goes, I know you like spanking me, I said yeah, that’s ’cause you’re such a bad girl.   He resigned 24 hours later.

Previously at City Hall, in the last installment in As the Redistricting Turns District 8 Councilwoman Bonnie Pannell and Local Activist  Margo Rose-Brunson exchanged words in an heated debate over whether the UC Davis Medical Center should be separated from the council district representing Oak Park.          Thinking she turned off her mic, she said “Asshole”

The Councilwoman Apologized,to the community.    Ms Rose-Brunson isn’t feeling it and intends to read a letter to the Council Tonight.

Will Bonnie Pannell Aplogize to Rose-Brunson?   Will Ms Rose- Brunson expect a new car?

These and other questions will be answered tonight at 915 I Street in the next installment of

” As the Redistricting Turns”

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