Police Officer Leaves Gun in Ikea Toilet

An absent-minded police officer stopped for lunch at a branch of Ikea inStockholm only to discover a couple of hours later that she had forgotten her gun in the toilet.The officer swung off the E4 motorway to take a bit for lunch at Ikea’s flagship Kungens Kurva store in south-western Stockholm.

After enjoying her meal the officer visited the restaurant toilet before leaving the furniture store and continuing her day.

When she arrived at the police station a couple of hours later, she discovered that her service pistol was missing. She soon recalled that she had placed her weapon on the waste-paper basket in an Ikea toilet.

Stockholm police proceeded to ring up the Ikea store and were told that the gun had been handed into to lost and found and was available for collection.

“Yes, we have a pistol here,” Stockholm police were told by Ikea staff, according to a report in the Metro daily.

The forgetful officer has reported the matter to police authorities and an internal investigation into the her conduct has been launched.

The officer explained that in order to remember her pistol she usually leaves it on the sink but the simple toiler cubicle lacked one and she was thus obliged to place it on the waste-paper basket.

Following the conclusion of the internal police investigation the officer is at risk of a warning and having her pay docked.

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