what cha gonna have? “Pancake Circus” still serving it up right!

pancake circus

Hungry?  You have two choices, chain or adventure.  Many people opt for the chain, because its familiar.    In New York, there are hundreds of authentic Italian Resturants , yet on any givin day you will find a long lines at the Olive Garden near Time Square.

While the chains are predictable , when I’m traveling I prefer adventure, driving a couple of miles from the freeway to non-chain resturant.   The chains are premeasued and sterile.  In the local restaurants one can get the pulse of the community.  Which bring’s  me to “Pancake Circus”.  I’m not sure “institution ” is a proper term for this restaurant .

The restaurant and its relationship with the community is decades rich.   Young parent’s now grandparents brought  their children, those childen are bringing their children  introducing them to the fluffy stacks.   Many years ago my son  and I sat across from the late Mayor Joe Serna, who was having a passionate sports discussion with serveral men.    Many of the resturants staff has worked their several years.   “How is your wife? tell her I said hello, your grandaughter is getting large” is just some of the background  noise you’ll hear in the resturant..  Opinions and viewpoints not generally heard in the freeway close chains.is common here, followed by laughter.

The Pancake Circus is a welled oil machine, your cup is seldom less than half full.  The service is efficient and the large pankages are super hot and fluffy.   My server was Julie who has worked there close to forever, drowned me in fresh coffee.  I enjoyed the banter  between staff and customers   I forgot how much I liked the resturant.

If your feelin Pancakes or just breakfast   Hit up da Circus. What cha gonna have?

 2101 Broadway (21st and Broadway)

Hours  6am to 3pm


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