Late Night Sac: Best Place to see a Girlfight

When Govenor Jerry Brown Chose 16th and J  for his new home, an eyebrow went up.   It is one of the noisiest intersections  in the city, across from the Memorial Auditorum.   It’s  below the popular P.F. Chang’s and  near two dozen nightclubs.
At 73, he still wants to be where the action is…
Sacratomatoville, isnt any different from any large city.  The crowds are fun and lively until closing time. A combination of  liquor, fitegue, and some people just plan rowdy people.
  Perhaps she wasn’t asked to dance, perhaps the man she was interested in, was more interested in her friend.   Someone, something  set her off…..    Next thing you know its a wildly thrown punch or slap, a bit of hair pulling and screaming
Most of the action takes place near 17and J near Office Max.
The fights are pretty tame, no AK47’s  no after drive by’s.   There are other clubs in the city and the suburbs  where we have witnessed ugly battles.   I think it’s  has to do wth the police presence  downtown and midtown, an Sac P.D. Car is often parked in front of Azukar’s (on J between 16th & 17) on weekends.
 We have witnessed a few guys pushing and shoving in the parking lot on 16th (between J & K ) but nothing like  J st
The lights are bright downtown,the streets are safe.   I spend a lot of time downtown/midtown its a greatplace for night crawlers like me to people watch.

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