NOTE TO OCCUPY: “Stay Put”, Just sayin for Sunday, November 13,2011

Sometimes as we grow older, we are able to see both sides.   A billion years ago, Americans had strong feelings about the  Civil Rights of all Americans.    As a teenager, I had strong feelings about the Vietnam War, a million years ago about Nuclear Energy, a few years ago about our involvement in Iran.

I took my outrage to the streets.     In the streets I met others who felt as strongly as I did, some of made sacrifices ,faced jail time.   Others supported the movement by giving the precious gift of time, doing what ever they could to support their beliefs.

A billion years ago, we locked arms on Telegraph, Livermore and Diablo Canyon.    Unknown to us, there were anarchist in our midst, their primary focus was chaos.   Once discovered , they were isolated .

I initially agreed with the various cities leaders.  Opportunist, were  taking hold, and making the parks unsafe.    Local business suffering, not just the larger business, small businesses members of the 99 per cent.  Individuals depended on the immediate area for employment.   People employed by those large banks and corporations are affected   If those business close, you now have another unemployed person.

Then I remembered,  a billion, million years ago and the greater good……….

A billion, a million years ago, many  cities refused to give permits for peaceful marches.  Citizens marched.  What would have happened if they went home.

Today most cities refuse to lift curfews in city parks, citing health and safety reasons.    The problem is where are the fires?   There are by most accounts over ,200  Occupy encampments nationwide.

There  are  serious issues at some of the Occupy sites.    Someone was murdered in Oakland, reports of  women being  attacked in New York and reports of drugs and crime at others.  Scanning the nations newspapers, I find  most Occupy locations are  quiet.

Cities citing curfew laws, the leaders are saying the areas aren’t safe. and from what I read they(the cities )aren’t  offering alternatives.

Common Sense is anything but common in these economic times.    Police-jail-court time vs maintaining a porta potties.   Is there a concerted effort to defuse Occupy nationwide?

A billion years ago citizens took to the streets, made sacrifices  that changed this nation.  A million years ago  few hundred people who were outraged  these people were joined by hundreds of  thousands  other outraged people.and forced this government to end what many believe to be an illegal war.

There is something wrong.   Over 300 million voices are silenced, the future is bleak.  The health of Corporations is more important that the health and well being of your mother, brother.  Something greater than Washington is needed for change.    I dont fully understand Occupy movement, perhaps its because its still is in its infancy and their is bit of fear of the unknown.    I also slowly see the Occupy movement resonating with others.    This change is threatening to the power brokers.  Who wants to dismantle what may be  perceived to be  the  base of operations.

Hang tough, Stay Put,  Just sayin for Sunday, November 13,2011

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