Sac Random: Vegas, Marijuana, Dollar Addiction

I don’t believe there is any place on earth like Las Vegas, the Hotels on the strip are mesmerizing and it is the ultimate destination for adult fun. With 35 million visitors. Why dont I like it more?

I believe its the city beyond the strip.  New Yorker’s, San Franciscans,  the people of Austin, are a part of the attraction to the city.    Imagine going to Paris and and just seeing other tourist.

There are two Las Vegas’s  Downtown and the Strip.   If your a person who enjoys shopping malls, the strip is where you will feel the most comfortable.    If you an anti mall person, who prefers something a little gritter, that its downtown.    Downtown is where you’ll find locals, skateboarders, regulars who have nigthly dinners in the smaller casinos.   Downtown is where you’ll find the local bars and people who knew there town when……..

The Economic Crises  has hit the town hard.   There are literally dozens of silent cranes all over the city. Seeing the famous Sahara resort closed and surrounded by fencing  is heartbreaking .  There are many closed casinos.  The October Unemployment rate in Clark County is 13.4%  down from 15%.   Tourism was  up in October and there are many who believe the city has seen the  bottom and there  are brighter days ahead.

I will return soon.  Cheap hotel rooms  many as low as $19 a nite during the week aren’t difficult to find.  With Allegiant Airlines  offering  flights between $16. and $50 dollars  A weekend  in Las Vegas  is about the same as a  weekend in Downtown San Francisco.

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Money makes the world go around 
The world go around 
The world go around 
Money makes the world go around 
It makes the world go ’round

That clinking clanking sound of
Money money money money
Money money money money

Someone at the Sacramento Bee said, wait a minute!   We can’t sit here and let the Sacramento News and Review rake all those weed dollars, we want in!   .  A few weeknds ago there was a sizable Medical Marijuana pull out section  in the five time Pulitzer Prize wining  Sacramento Bee .   Money does make the world go round.

There is a problem in America, a huge problem, its and an addiction more addicting cigarettes and more powerful than crack or meth.   The users begin at an early age, sometimes as young  as three for four. Usually enabled by a much older person, often a sister or uncle.

Its the dollar store, and  its crippling America, even threatening the mighty Wal Mart.   How awesome is that.   Speaking of awesome, I have several bottles of Awesome liquid laundry detergent, Awesome bleach, Awesome spot remover.    The addition is cunning.

Yesterday I went into the Dollar Tree off  Folsom and  65th.   My goal was to buy a single bottle of  bleach.  That’s what  told myself. and that was my focus.   I picked up my bleach and instead of  turning around , I turned left and there it was, a new item.    “Luigi’s Real Italian Ice”  made with real Ice.  However it not made in Italy(maybe the ice is imported) its made  in Pennsauken, New Jersey. and its fat free…. hmm, fat free ice…  anyway, I had to have it.   Then I lost my focus, at check out my bottle of bleach cost me $21.62.

Unpacking, I threw the vegetable slicer in the drawer with my seven other vegetable slicers.  Underneath the sink my Awesome products joined my Powered Sun Bleach for color clothes and my many other stain removers, oven-window-floor-dish washing liquids.   I have to tip toe in the kitchen, its so crowded under my sink that products often throw themselves onto the floor for air.

People have made fun of my chicken platters in the shape of a chicken. and my plastic collection.   Someone once said, why don’t you return some of this stuff ,but I can’t….  If I return one item and will buy five more of something else.

Now mind you if I gone to a regular store or supermarket I would have just bought the one item, but at the regular stores I cant buy a large bottle of bleach for a dollar.

Yes I have a problem…. There aren’t any twelve step programs for dollar store addiction, no Doctor Drew’s.    I’m not alone, I’ve seen the crazed and amazed  look at the check stand, I know the  how much look ?     I wonder if I am the only one  questioning why items at the Dollar Tree is 99cents and items at the 99 cents store a dollar.

In Las Vegas there are Dollar General Food Stores.hmmm   There are some of you (difficult to believe) has never been inside one of these stores.   Word of advice, DON”T GO!    After your first 3 liter bottle of  Stars and Stripes soda  and 8X 10 picture frame ,you’ll be hooked.    You’ve been warned

Anyway I’ve heard giving Vegetable Slicers as party gifts is all the rage in Europe.

PS the Italian Ice,sucked!