Break it to me gently….

iT was an  office Christmas Party where my former wife worked.    The party was being held at a posh location downtown,. With the exception of some of the serving staff I was the only black person at the party.

AS the wine and champaign poured  I had to avoid mistletoes…  It seemed every one had one in the hallways.   In addition to the mistletoe, I had to avoid this creepy old guy who would hold my hand and feel me up as if I were up for sale.     My wife enjoyed watching my discomfort.

In one  room, there were a lot of people mingling and chatting.    In a large silver setting there were fresh strawberrys, whipped cream from the gods and sugar.    It was there I set up camp.    Hi, hello, how are you strawberry, good to see you too, strawberry.

As I was dipping my umpteenth strawberry, a man grabbed me and spun me around and said “ I can’t believe your here! I love you man-I’ve followed your career forever! Look who’s here!  he pulled me into the crowd- I cant believe it!       Suddenly,there were ten or fifthteen people staring at me, looking and smiling .    Yikes!   He pushed on my shoulder and led me to his wife, who didn’t have a clue..  This is- (I didn’t hear who I was supposed to be) as the crowd began to move closer.

In the last hundred or so years people have mistaken me for (hold on to yourselves)  Rosie Greer,  Forest Whittaker, Sammy Davis Jr and Prince .  Sammy and Prince could fit inside my pocket. 

SOOOOOOOOO, my fan said he watched me on TV when I  was in college.  What to do? what to do? what to do?   You watched me at Fresno State? I said gently…   In slow-mo I watch him quietly back up, I think the crowd sensed his embarrassment and slowly they turned away

I abandoned my strawberries and the cream from gods as I was embarrassed for the man.   I wanted to ask him who he thought I was?  But felt he had had enough for the evening.



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