Gridlock Washington (No end in sight) a new strategy is needed : Just saying for Wednesday,Novemember 23,2011

What happens when your elected  official aren’t representing you?

In a resent CBS/New York Times poll, the approval rating for Congress is 9%.

 A Millionare Tax is popular in the red states often leading 2 to 1 in the polls.

Over forty percent of Republicans polled,  are in favor of a Millionares Tax, 65% percent of the Independents.  The question, are Americans angry with President Obama handling of the economy or is it more of an overall  frustration with Washington?

The future isn’t bright. If an Republican is elected without an majority in the house, there will be gridlock. If President Obama is re-elected without an majority in the house there will be gridlock.   Stuck in the middle are the nearly 300 million americans.

If I ruled the world

Option 1

Needed is a Super Non Partisan Pac. Who would fund television and print ads directed at those Republican and Independents who receive entitlement funds.   Forcing members of Congress explain to their constituents why they favor cuts in  entitlements programs  and against taxes for millionares.

Democratic PAC’s would be somewhat reluctant in taking this action against the Republicans  as they would be force to explain their position,as they have has supported reductions and changes in enlistment  programs .

Opition 2

Occupy Wall Street, could gain new ground by meeting with Senior Groups and encouraging those persons to call their elected officians and join them .  This could be the stimulate the movement, adding Seniors a group of americans who routinely vote could change the face of the 2012 election.

I would not like to see Democratically or Repulican controlled House and Senate:

Many years ago a reporter asked George H Bush how much a gallon of milk cost, a question that most americans could readily answer.   The wealthy president hadn’t a clue.  He didnt buy milk, someone who worked for him bought milk.

That’s part of the problem today.   Most of our elected are wealthy, they can’t relate to the suffing, the hand wrenching of a household, or a small business owner.   They cant relate to having to continue to support their  educated adult children and watch the frustration of that child because she is unable to find work.

They are isoalted from the frustration and dissapointment that many americans feel everyday, going to work, paying their bills on time and despite their 800 plus credit score are unable to get a home loan.

A member of congress simply pushes a button…dinner at 6.

Just saying for Wednesday,Novermber 23 2011


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