The Jury Believed the girls, Pastor Tommy Gene Daniels : Guilty of Molestation

Brenda Daniels , his wife said , one of the girls was a liar.  Another girl was superficially charming, manipulative, a provocateur who love to sir the pot.  Another girl folded clothes wrong on purpose, just to make the grown-ups mad.  Like the rest, she was cute,but a crazy liar.   That’s why she didn’t think it was necessary to call the police.

I’ve known Tom since I was 13 years old . He never showed any signs of being a molester.   If I thought there was any truth to the allegations, which first came to her attention in the summer of 2005. I  likely would have dumped him.

I probably would have loaded up my kids ,got in the car and called the police.

The girls (then ages 5-to 12) were molested at his Citrus Heights home where his wife operated a day and foster care business.

Four of the girls were reportedly reffered to the Daniels by Mell La Valley, a licensed therapist who practices the controversial  Attachment Therapy, a treatment used primarily with fostered or adopted children who have behavioral difficulties, sometimes severe, but including disobedience and perceived lack of gratitude or affection for their caregivers. The children’s problems are ascribed to an inability to attach to their new parents because of suppressed rage due to past maltreatment and abandonment. The common form of attachment therapy is holding therapy, in which a child is firmly held (or lain upon) by therapists or parents.

After four days of deliberations,  the Jury believed the five girls .  Pastor Tommy Gene Daniels of the First Baptist Church of Rio Linda will spend 165 years to life.   He was convicted 11 of 12 counts of acts of molestation between December 2002 and July 2005.


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