Tina Turner,Helen Mirren,Raquel Welch….and the beauty secrets of an older woman

 Joan Collins and Stephanie Beacham Joan Collins and Stephanie Beacham

THEY are the eternal queens of glamour. 

These age-defying celebrities are still turning heads in their sixties and, in many cases, their seventies.

The Mirror reported yesterday how Dynasty stars Joan Collins, 78, and Stephanie Beacham, 64, had been reunited for a TV advert for Snickers.

The divas proudly boast they’ve never been under the plastic surgeon’s knife.

Here we show how a dozen other mature beauties have managed to keep the ageing process at bay…


LULU, 63

THE Scots singer and grandmother admits to having Botox but shouts about her own skin-care range and has always believed in pampering her face. She says: “You have to try a little harder, be a bit clever! It’s all about accentuating some of our best features.”

Joanna Lumley


THE Absolutely Fabulous actress and former model admits she had some cosmetic procedures to keep wrinkles at bay. She says: “I’ve had collagen to fill out a scar on my chin. I’ve also used it on deep lines on my forehead. Never on the lips, though. I can think of nothing worse.”

Raquel Welch


THE four-times married US actress became a sex symbol after wearing a fur bikini in 1966’s One Million Years B.C. She has never smoked and says: “I have beautiful skin – and when you have something special given to you, you want to take care of it.”

Tina Turner


THE American singer’s career has spanned more than half a century but she has the body of a woman half her age. The Queen of Rock and Roll does not eat after 6pm, drinks lots of water and, of course, dances.

She says: “I don’t abuse myself with sweets, sugars, cakes and fat.”

Pamela Stephenson


THE comedy actress turned psychologist dislikes the “should” and “should not” age rules. She says: “I hate it when people say, ‘This is what you should wear at 40’.” Pamela, who starred on Strictly Come Dancing, adds: “Dancing is the best anti-ageing strategy.”

Stefanie Powers


HART To Hart and I’m A Celebrity star Stephanie has confessed to having nip and tuck work but refused to go into detail. A smoker for 20 years before a lung cancer scare, she is now vegetarian and exercises. She says: “I love the process of keeping fit. I am addicted to endorphins.”

Sandie Shaw


AS recently as New Year’s Eve the singer wowed Jools Holland’s Hootenanny with her shapely legs in a gold dress. But Sandie is best known for baring her feet.

“My husband says that when I was being created, the design team did a great job until they got to my ankles.”

Helen Mirren


THE Oscar winner makes sure she exercises at least 15 minutes a day, watches what she eats and drinks and gets lots of rest – even on set. She says: “I try to sleep as much as possible. It’s very important and, as you get older, even more so.”

Jane Fonda


IT’S no surprise that the iconic workout star puts her Hollywood looks down to her exercise routine.

“It really is the number one thing for successful ageing,” she says. But she’s also admitted having surgery on her neck, chin and under her eyes: “I wanted to keep looking like I felt on the inside.”

Sophia Loren


THE Italian screen siren and gran-of-three puts her beauty down to luck and hard work.

“Discipline is the great equaliser,” she says. “If a young woman is beautiful but has no discipline, she’ll lose her looks. If a plain woman is disciplined she will… become more beautiful with time.”

Felicity Kendal


BEST known for 70s comedy The Good Life, Felicity gained a host of new admirers by going on Strictly Come Dancing. She has rejected plastic surgery, likes the odd cigarette and a glass of wine but puts her trim figure down to a lot of exercise – and an active sex life, saying: “It’s part of life, like eating or breathing.”



THE 60s model still rules supreme. She says: “A trip to the hairdresser can be so transforming, not only for your mood but for its ability to add elegance.

For years there’s been an unwritten rule that you shouldn’t have long hair when you get past a certain age. Poppycock!”
By: Nigel Atkins/UK Mirror



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