One mans support of Obama Care

Obama Care is the one area where the Republican candidates for President agree,  Obama care will ruin everything American, it will weigh down the economy they say.

Obama Care is the great unknown, its intent is to help millions of Americans who do not have health care.   If you have health care through your employer, you may view Obama Care as an unfair tax.    After all why should you have to pay for health care for someone else?

We live in an uncertain world.  Job security is a myth-it doesn’t exist.

Hundred of thousands of Americans  have lost their jobs in the last few years.  The economic crises has effected workers who have worked for companies for 20 years or more.    One of the first realizations for the worker who have always had medical coverage are the costs.  It’s expensive, extremely expensive.  To replace my current coverage(with a co-pay) would exceed my current rent by 20%.

If the unemployed has a family member needing medical care he will learn, real  help isn’t available until his or her savings and holdings (the family home) is exhausted.    This in the richest country in the world. 

Health Cares effects all Americans, not just  Republicans and Democrats.

Ultimately, tax payers pay for the uninsured  through higher medical cost, which would be considerably  lower if the patients were able to afford preventive care.

My last five day stay in a Sacramento Hospital without surgery cost nearly  27,000.

Before Obama Care, The United States of  America was by far and away the largest country without proper health care for its citizens.    There has to be something wrong with a country that offers subsidies  to Oil Companies and  questions the need for health care of all of its citizens.

The full implementation of the law is still two years away, a  long time for those without Medical care. Until then the political sky is  falling.  I find it interesting when I see politicians shaking  the hands of people, feeling their pain saying they understand, promising to improve their quality of life.  Whisked away in a limo or luxury bus to feel the pain of the next group.

I am one of those with a  pre-existing condition.   I live in constant fear of losing my job, not because of the economic crises difficulty finding another job, its the fear of losing my medical coverage, my medicines.   ( My cobra coverage would be over $800 a month)  There is a waiting period of 90 to 180 days before new a new hire can receive medical coverage.

Obama Care,might ease some of those fears.   At this point,what is my other option?


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One thought on “One mans support of Obama Care

  1. Excellent piece.

    Just had a thought on the no more taxes argument and taking this all a few more steps to universal care. Do those who complain about taxes comprehend how much less they would pay for healthcare if we all contributed to universal care through taxes vs what we/they pay now through the current tax system along with the ever increasing contributions to their employer-based policies?


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