Italian Food worthy of the drive: The Venticello: San Francisco

First of all, I heard about the restaurant from my former wife and current daughter who heard about the restaurant from a friend. (whew) All of them great fans, travel from Sacramento to Nob Hill.

The restaurant is located on the corner of Taylor and Washington and parking is more than challenging,typical San Francisco (so park elsewhere and take a cab or public transportation.

The setting is romantic. Staff warm and attentive.

We began our meal with MELANZANE RIPIENE which was Two Grilled Eggplant Rolls with Ricotta and Mascarpone in a Marinara Sauce (this was an OMG moment-where the taste effects your eyes its hit the table good)

I ordered my daughters favorite,GNOCCHI AI FUNGHI
My daughter ordered FETTUCINE CON SALSICCIA (my first choice)

Gorgonzola must be approached with caution, I thought the mushroom sauce, had a burnt flavor, my daughter who is a huge fan of Gnocchi said it was perfect.

I thought her Fettuccine was perfect, the waitress asked us if we were enjoying our meal. I told her my Gnocchi was okay. She said that wasn’t good enough,explaining -they wanted you to love the meal, and even though I had eaten nearly half the meal, she asked If I wanted something else. I immediately said the Fettuccine. Which I LOVED!

The bread is wonderful, the meal and the service was impeccable.

It’s sad, many people believe the “Olive Garden” is real Italian food. The Olive Garden is as Italian as Taco Bell is Mexican.

Pricing for our meal was in range for the setting about $80.

One word for the Venticello, Go

1257 Taylor Street (Taylor & Washington)

San Francisco,94108

(415) 922-2545 (Reservations)