6 Friend Types to Avoid in 2012

The Bully

A mean-spirited friend will prey on your insecurities to feed her confidence. There’s nothing about this arrangement that benefits you. Run while you can. Case in point: Tami and Meeka’s infamous “Basketball Wives” brawl. Tami lost a lot of fans when she preyed on new cast member Meeka all season long then punched her in the face during dinner.


Ms. Self Absorbed

Assuming this type of girlfriend even notices you’re around, it won’t be long before she’s once again focused on her needs. She’s a lot of fun, for sure, but rarely concerned with whether anyone’s having a god time besides her. Case in point: “Braxton Family Values” diva Tamar Braxton rubs all her sisters the wrong way with her undying do-me way of life.


The Drama Queen

A ladies’ night out should always be a fun and relaxing good time. If one of your friends is a firecracker just waiting to go off, whether provoked or not, it can leave you wondering if and when a great evening could quickly turn sour. “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes became so explosive on the show she wasn’t always welcome out with the cast.


Ms. Two Faced

Trust is a major building block in the foundation of a successful friendship. Without it your secrets may not be safe. “Basketball Wives” star Suzy Ketchem struggled to rebuild friendships on the show once she broke the other girl’s trust by playing both sides of arguments between them.


The Instigator

You know the expression, “Don’t start none, won’t be none.” Only when this friend’s around, she conveniently forgets that. She may enjoy a good confrontation, but you don’t have to. On the hit show “Love and Hip Hop” star Chrissy, girlfriend to rapper Jim Jones, is notorious for opening her mouth and making a bad situation worse.


The One With Too Many Man Problems

If your friend’s failed romances always wind up being the number one topic of discussion, that get’s real old, real fast. How can she make time to be there for you when you have problems if she’s always consumed by her own. The entire cast of “Basketball Wives” grew tired of Jennifer Williams’ divorce drama with ex husband Eric Williams.


From Essence Magazine