Fun facts about the Buick Excelle, China’s best-selling car:

The Buick Excelle is China's best-selling car.

Fun facts about the Buick Excelle, China‘s best-selling car:

• The Excelle is actually three different cars: the Excelle, Excelle GT and Excelle XT.

• The Excelle is based on an old Daewoo design. It’s been on the market for years. Buick sold 253,514 in 2011, making it China’s best-selling car.

• The Excelle GT is very similar to the Buick Verano and sold 96,725 cars. It went on sale in January 2010. Buick sold 96,725 Excelle GTs.

• The Excelle XT hatchback is a lot like the Opel Astra. It debuted in June 2010. Buick sold 38,075 last year.

Westerners call the cars Excelle — pronounced “Ex-cell-uh” — but the models’ Chinese names are quite different.

• The Excelle’s name transliterates as “Kai Yue.”

By:Mark Phelan-Detroit Free Press