Oh Lawd, won’t you buy me a 80inch screen, My friends all have 50’s I have to be seen

Logic Smogic!  Consumer Reports and all the leading  Audio/Video magazines  say’s based on my room size I shouldn’t buy a TV larger than a 46 inch set.   A screen too large could cause eye strain and headaches.

Hell, I’m a man, when it come to size we  want the biggest.   It’s like a car, yes a six cylinder  is adequate and it will get the job done-how nice.  But we want the HEMI, eight cylinders of rumbling power.  Sure, its gets 2 miles to the gallon and you’ll need a  small business loan to buy gas.   It’s about pride, power and glory!  (excuse me, as I wipe a tear from my eye)

No man runs up to your car and say’s ooh, you have six?    It’s damm man, you got a friggin HEMI!

SO UNDERSTAND AND RECOGNIZE!   I can’t buy a 46, my fragile male ego wont allow it.  My children have fifties,   Heck, my daughter has a forty something in her bedroom.

I want immediate blindness, as you enter my postage stamp of an apartment, you’ll need sunglasses.  I want ooooh’s .   I wanna hear, oh its so big! (so few of us hear that without uncontrollable giggling)     Look at that picture!

“I wanna say to my clearly envious visitors , ohhh its nothing, just something to watch the news”

Last fall, a friend invited a few of us to watch the 49er’s in 73 inches of half time wonder. The TV was one of those rear projection TV‘s from the rent a center.  The TV sucked big time, the  picture looked blurry, from the side, so we had to sit in a small section of the sofa to properly see the TV, there we where crammed, on this small section of this large sofa, unable to reach for snacks or drinks.    No one returned during the playoffs.

Lawd, I want one of  the larger, LCD,LED or Plasma… with a good bright and sharp picture. and if you can delivered  it before the Oscars or NBA playoffs  it would be appreciated…

and remember,  ooohs and ahhhs……


See Lawd, Double! Double!  if I get anything smaller, my kids will snicker, please…its about HONOR!


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