Quick Review 2012 Celebrity Apprentice: “This year its a wait and see”

Last seasons Celebrity Apprentice was a must  see, never in the history of the show was the BUZZ so loud.   The feud between Nene Leaks and Star Jones was real.

There was inspired (or just dumb luck) casting. David Cassidy,Meatloaf,Gary Busey,Lisa Rinna,Dionne Warwick, Martlee Matlin LiL Jon and John Rich and others injected much needed life into the stale reality show.

2012 Celebrity Apprentice Cast

Clay Aiken– Michael Andretti-Tia Carrere– Adam Carolla-Lou Ferrigno-Debbie Gibson-Teresa Giudice-Victoria Gotti-Arsenio Hall-Penn Jillette– Lisa Lampanelli-Dayana Mendoza-Aubrey O’Day-Dee Snider  George Takei- Paul Teutul, Sr.Cheryl Tiegs– Patricia Velasquez

On Sunday’s season’s premier, it was the men vs the women.  The task was sandwiches, the team that generated the most money for charity, got to go to bed early.

The men’s team “Unanimous” picked  Paul Teutul, Sr. of “American Chopper to be project manager. The woman’s team, “Forte”   Venezuelan actress and fashion model Patricia Velasquez volunteered to be project manager.   Paul set the bar high saying he wanted to raise a half a million dollars for his charity “Make a Wish” . Patricia’s charity is the  Wayuu Taya Foundation.   Which ever team  had the best sales received the other teams cash.

On the men’s team Penn Jillette worked his assets off  juggling fire outside, inside Clay Aiken was aggressively asking for cash inside.  As the milk separated, the take charge people rose and the other followed.   Paul is old school, his  no coddling-tell it like he’s see’s didn’t wear well on some of  him team.

Meanwhile, the ladies were having their own issues.  Victoria Gotti, and Teresa Guidice spent time of their cells , as their teammates worked.  Victoria Gotti (John’s daughter) is the woman they seem to fear.   Lisa Lampaneilli worried about finding a horse’s head in her bed,.  While everyone on her team was making sandwiches, Victoria got there when she felt like it….(no one said a word)

Despite his Jilllette’s best efforts, the restaurant grew quiet.   Across town, the women were kicking ass, with people paying thousands for their sandwiches  At one point Russell Simmons with 10 grand in hand, wanted a vegan sandwich..  With all the sandwiches pre-made,  Victoria and Cheryl sprang into action and chich ching,  Mr Simmons had his sandwich.

La Don, told the teams to bring their best sandwich to the Rachel Ray Show, the winning team would get a bonus. The winner would be revealed in the board room.

Listen and Learn

With Paul saying he had the connections to make the half million dollars happen, the rest of his team turned their cells off .    Some of the women called their connections.   But most have seen the show and were saving their high roller connections, for another day.

The Board Room

The board room is where it all  happens,betrayal, ego and honor,  where dog eats dogs  Your favorite celebrities doing what ever it takes to live another day.   Forget the tasks and the whispers, its the board room!   While the show and its format has grown stale, the board room still entertains. Its the room where you can watch your favorites squirm.

Who is the weakest player?   Patrica, the project manager said,  former Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza was the hardest worker and said supermodel Cheryl Tiegs and Victoria Gotti were the weakest players.   Of course you know M’s Gotti wasn’t gonna sit there and be silent. But Patricia  (she ain’t scared of no Gotti) pointed out how late and distracted she was… (take dat Gotti!)

On the men team,Paul called Penn Jillette the teams “MVT”( most valuable teammate)  and George (Star Trek)Takai and Arsenio ( “yes! where the hell has he been!) Hall the  weakest player.  Mr Takai did not have his stun gun and didn’t appreciate Paul calling him meek , and defended himself to the Trumpster!

Rachael Ray, liked the men’s sandwich and the men received a $35,000 bonus….

The women raised an impressive $126,000 the most ever in the history of  CA.

How so nevah! the men raised $367,000.  Including one check for $305,000 from one of Paul’s friends.  Nearly a half a million dollars goes to Make A Wish!      (don’t mess with Paul)

Time for one of the ladies to go home…… singer Debbie( Shake Your Love) Gibson picked Cheryl to go home. Actress Aubrey O’Day picked M’s Gotti.  Actress and multi-Grammy winner Tia Carrere (trying to be a bad ass) volunteered herself to go into the final board room meeting-“el stupido”  (not smart as the Trumpster has a good memory) and said she wanted M’s Gotti gone as well..

Note: Cheryl said she brought in big money, Patricia basically said, I don’t think so bitch. I know who and what…which silenced Cheryl.

Patricia brought Cheryl and M’s Gotti to the board room.   Cheryl looked like she was about the fall apart and in the end the former supermodel was the first fired.

A tearful Cheryl said “She didn’t seem to mind anyway,saying  it wasn’t really a good fit for her”

The Supermodel found her Mojo on Wendy Williams

After a tearful departure, the supermodel struck back on “The Wendy Williams Show Saying she wanted to show America a different side of the Celebrity Apprentice.    In firing her, (instead of M’s Gotti)” Trump was trying to protect his own head with that move”

“I’ve built 12 companies in my life” I’ve been on the cover of Time magazine three times, not for my beauty but because what I was doing was newsworthy around the world.  I’ve worked with teams all my life, but  I’ve been nice and I’ve been kind. I wanted to bring something to “Celebrity Apprentice ” to let America know that you don’t have to be back-stabbing and mean-spirited in order to challenge”

Someone really likes herself

Last season’s Celebrity Apprentice (hope he cut NeNe Leakes a Big Check) was a must see.  This year cast including another Bravo Housewife  Teresa Giudice, is a wait and see.  Perhaps, Teresa will flip the table in the board room.