The Sheriff and the Soap Star (Part 5B) A bruised Soap Star

SHOWTIME, the much awaited trail of the Best Soap Opera in San Francisco has begun.

The Sheriff’s attorney Lidia Stiglich, testified in a hearing earlier Friday that she did not think the judge who had heard all the pretrial proceedings, Superior Court Judge Susan Breall, could oversee the case impartially and without bias against either her or Mirkarimi.

Superior Court Judge Garrett Wong, will preside over the trial.

Moving on…………

You know, for months the sofa star has said her husband has been a prince and there was no violence, there were forces out there to destroy the Sheriff…….



Looks like a bruise, perhaps it was a fall or a misunderstanding?

This picture is from the video tape, the Sheriff’s attorney want excluded from the trial.

Prosecutors say Lopez made her statements on the video spontaneously, in “a mental state of extreme agitation and excitement.” The stills show Lopez displaying a bruise several inches in diameter on the inside of her right biceps. Other photos released from the video appear to show her weeping.

The Soap Star went to her neighbor and friend  Ivory Madison, a San Francisco attorney who had supported Mirkarimi in his campaign for sheriff and raised funds for his election campaign.

Madison told investigators that Lopez, 36, came to her about 18 hours after the alleged New Year’s Eve incident to talk about goals for 2012. Within “a few minutes,” Lopez’s demeanor changed and she “completely burst into tears” as she talked about the incident and her 2-year-old son’s reaction to it, Madison told investigators.

The boy was “crying and screaming” as Mirkarimi “grabbed, pushed and pulled” Lopez and screamed obscenities at her, Madison says Lopez told her.  The boy followed the couple outside as Lopez ran screaming into the street, Madison says Lopez told her. Mirkarimi, 50, persuaded her to come back into the house, saying, “Please don’t leave the house, please don’t tell anyone,” Madison says Lopez told her.

Prosecutors say Lopez waited 18 hours to talk to Madison because Mirkarimi “sequestered” her in the house.

The pictures may further cloud the public’s opinion of the new Sheriff, many who are asking for his removal.   If the video tape and the witness statements are  excluded from the trial, it would be a major blow for the DA……. hmmm   keep following….