Celebrity Apprentice recap: 3/11 BOOM!

Judge Judy sometime reminds litigants the show is her play pin.

 Last night, The Trumpster reminded everyone, he is running this!

I’ll be very brief here, the task or the Challenge was a presentation for Buick, and their newest model the Verano.    Neither presentation was good but Buick chose the ladies.

The men’s team was stunned by the loss. The men’s Project Manager,was Comedian Adam Carolla .

In the past week’s Lou( The Hulk) Ferrigno has whined about being under underutilized however, his teammates felt outside of wanting to rip his shirt off to exposed his muscled middle aged chest, he had little to add.  In fact they went on to say, outside the board room he has had little to say.  It was clear to everyone Lou was gonna be sent back to the old folks gym.

Project Manager, Adam Carolla was ready to fall on the sword as he refused to take anyone back to the board for elimination.

In a move that caused gasps from Cucamonga, California to Poughkeepie ,New York  Donald told all the men to leave and when they came back he was going to fire two on the men’s team. (this move even surprised his son Don) he was making a point.  I’m running This! 

Most of men team  knew Adam was history and with the light grilling from Ivanka and Don, it was clear Lou was going.

Before Adam could settle into his chair La Donald fired him.

Then in a surprising move. The Trumpster, went after race-car driver Michael Andretti-who he wanted to be the Project Manager. It was about cars, who else to better represent Buick then a world famous race care driver, with one the most famous names in racing. -hit the bricks Andretti.

If you didn’t see it last night, watch the ending on NBC.com or Hulu and watch the faces. ITS WAS GREAT!

Early Predictions, Penn, Hall and Aiken, your thoughts?