“Restrooms” The Eyes of the Restaurant

Assuming your tub and shower are clean, how long does it take you to clean your restroom at home?

10,15 minutes?

A  Restaurant’s public restroom could just be an indication to the  cleanliness of the restaurant.    On occasion I have checked out the restaurant’s restroom before being seated.,.     On Sunday, our group stopped at a mid town Sacramento restaurant for brunch.   The average meal was  $27.   Many of us stopped by rest rooms as we left .   While the service and food was very good, the smallish restrooms where very dirty.

One member of our party, told an employee about the conditions of the restrooms..

Our group walked down to  Rick’s Dessert Cafe on K, after about an hour or so, someone realized they left their cell phone at the restaurant.

An attentive young women remember us and returned the phone.  As we were leaving the restaurant I stopped in the mens room., it was much worse than before.

I wont return, the restrooms are the eyes of the restaurant as the restroom are the easiest to keep up. For me it’s very simple, if a restaurant cannot properly maintain the public restroom , the kitchen……………