The Sheriff and the Soap Star (Part 6) Sheriff Mirkarimi pleades guilty to misdemeanor false imprisonment

The best Soap Opera in San Francisco has reached the final curtain or has it?

Yesterday the Sheriff,agreed to a plea bargain on a misdemeanor domestic violence and two related charges.  He will be officially charged Monday. The plea deal calls for him to be fined $400, given three years probation and undergo a year of domestic violence counseling. He will also be required to take parenting classes and perform 100 hours of community service,

He still must abide by an order to “stay away” from his wife until his counseling is under way,The order that prohibits him from carrying a gun likely will remain in effect until then, as well..

His plea, came after the prosecutions slam dunk.  The Video!  (after a three-judge panel ruled that the video which clearly showed his wife’s bruises could be used as evidence)

The public perception of the Sheriff is arrogance.  The perception of his wife is one of a battered wife standing by her man.

The San Francisco Chronicle  called Mayor Ed Lee to further investigate Mirkarimi’s misconduct.  The Cities alternative paper  The San Francisco Guardian accuses  the Chronicle of pushing its special interests saying the real message is that the Chron wants Lee to try to get rid of Mirkarimi.”

The Sheriff will be officially sentenced on Monday, but his problems are far from over.  Expect a circus at  court house.

The next chapter will shift to City Hall and  Mayor Ed Lee, should the Sheriff stay or should he go?

If you tilt your head westward toward San Francisco, you can hear drum beats