The Sheriff and the Soap Star Saga is coming to a dramatic end? Not a chance! (Part 7)

A few minutes ago San Francisco Mayor Mayor Ed Lee gave embattled San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi  until 4pm today to resign or face an official misconduct charge and the possible forced removal from office.

Mirkarimi was sentenced Monday to three years probation, a year’s worth of domestic violence intervention classes and other penalties for pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment of his wife.

A misconduct charge would result in Mirkarimi’s immediate suspension, and the mayor would appoint an interim sheriff, who would hold the job until the misconduct proceedings have played out.
If  Mayor Lee, decides to charge Mirkarimi with official misconduct, the city’s independent Ethics Commission will hold a fact-gathering hearing, and send the record, with a recommendation on whether to uphold the charge, to the Board of Supervisors for review. It would take at least nine of the 11 supervisors to remove Mirkarimi from office.

Drum beats demanding the removal of Sheriff Mirkarimi is coming from all over the city.

Getting nine votes from the Board of Supervisor may be difficult as Mirkarimi was very recently a member of the Board of Supervisors.

Meanwhile across town in the Western Addition neighborhood where he and his family lived (his wife and son now live there)  The husband of  Ivory Madison(  Abraham Mertens) who filmed Eliana Lopez’s bruises  with M’s Lopez permission.  Tells the San Francisco Chronicle   of multiple phone calls from neighbor Eliana Lopez, with Mirkarimi audible in the background, asking his wife to destroy evidence(The Video), and he’s clearly angry at the ordeal that Madison and his family have been put through by Mirkarimi’s attorneys throughout this case. He says, among other things, that Mirkarimi should resign, and, “It’s bad enough my family has to live next door to him.”

He tries to put to rest any ideas that Madison was part of any vast moderate conspiracy against Mirkarimi, and says that she only became embroiled in this media circus and trial because she is “always there for friends. Unfortunately, by being a friend to Eliana, Ivory unwittingly became a key witness in this case.”

Meanwhile across town his wife “The Soap Star” is having a Press Conference at the Bill Graham Auditorium near City Hall.  Detail later….

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