She was once, twice, three times a speeder and they took Lynne Cahill-Gomez’s Hyundai

Before they took her to the big house on Saturday.  She told the police , she was worried about her 79 year old mother in Hayward, who had fallen on her bad knee (ouch) !

It wasn’t planned, but Lynne Cahill-Gomez, was meeting quite a few members of Law Enforcement.

She was stopped in Yuba county doing 103…. One hundred and three!!   She didn’t know her Hyundai  SUV could have qualified for the Indy 500 , who knew?-She didn’t .  They gave her a ticket ( I thought they would automatically arrest you for going over 100 mph) but it was her birthday (it was).

Twenty minutes flew by and so was she…. This time the popo clocked her at 105.  Hi (its still her birthday!)

Forty minutes later, wouldn’t you know it  she was pulled over a third time for going 76 in a 55 zone.  She was arrested for reckless driving…  and was freed on Monday.

No word on her mother and that bad knee (ouch)