Zimmerman-Martin It’s not always Race

If you are black/African American you may view the murder of Treyvon Martins as just one more example of a devalued black person. Another black man, another African american, a teenager killed because he was black….

Most americans are outraged by the events in Florida.   There are also  many white americans who believe Treyvon Martin actions may have contributed  to his death.    Some whites believe that there is a connection with blacks and crime.   The reality in the american today, you are presumed guilty by the color or your skin.  Over thirty nine present of the US prison population is black in a country where black people are just 12% of the nations population .

The best diversion for some whites in the US  is today is to simply say, “a black man did it”   For many whites especially in law enforcement its plausible.

For some, black’ americans and other people of color, feel their lives  do not have the same value as white americans.  History supports this , as a result  many blacks americans have visceral reaction to issues of race.  When a Black, Asian, Hispanic and other children of color are kidnapped, missing,  local and national media is absent, rarely do we see the pain of  the parents of a missing Asian child.

Unaware of  Florida’s  Stand your ground law.  The release of George Zimmerman, sliced into the heart of many blacks.    Another black man….  The problem for some is race, Zimmerman is Hispanic.   Outside of prisons ,there aren’t  many instances of animosity between Hispanics and blacks.  In many areas of the country, black and Hispanics are working side by side to repeal newly enacted  immigration laws.   It would simply be easier if Zimmerman was white a man.

So the direction of the anger shifts  to a white man, Bill Lee  the Chief of Police  who said  that there was no probable cause to arrest Zimmerman .Lee wrote in a memo posted on the city’s website. “By Florida Statute, law enforcement was PROHIBITED from making an arrest based of the facts and circumstances they had at the time.” and the Sanford Police department which has turbulent history with the black community.

George Zimmerman’s profile isn’t one of a racist.  Many of his black neighbors at  the Retreat at Twin Lakes have positive comments,many can’t believe he could have killed another person without provocation.  As the media scorers every inch of the lives of Treyvon Martin, and George Zimmerman earlier acts of racism as of this date hasn’t surfaced.

Stereotypes(1) are as old as human culture itself. They reflect ideas that groups of people hold about others who are different from them.   It’s a fixed commonly held notion or image of a person or group based on an oversimpicatiuon of some observed or image trait of behavior or appearance.

I believe Zimmerman viewed young black men  in wearing hoodies , as trouble. Not all black men, black man in hoodies.  One popular Mall here in Sacramento has banned the wearing of hoodies  on the head , for some wearing hoodies is sinister,with the wearers up to no good

Perhaps it’s the history of this nation, that allows one to automatically assume, physical violence,verbal disagreements between persons of  different races, is race based.

I am angry and disappointed by many self-serving lawmakers,celebrities and other high-profile persons s who seem to be in my view,stirring the flames or anger instead of finding a solution.  George Zimmerman killed Treyvon Martin.  Zimmerman was released because of a state law that allows citizens to be Judge,Jury and Executioner thus tying  the hands of  law enforcement and the states judicial system

 Every day in America a Treyvon Martin is killed.  As people make the pilgrimage  to Sanford Florida, a black child is being killed by another black.  The marches should take place at the steps of  the capital  in  Tallahassee instead of Sanford.   Pressure should be applied on the state., conventions, visitors will avoid their state (tourism is the number one industry) until the Stand your Ground law is changed, overturning this law before the next child is killed.

Chip Johnson of the  San Francisco Chronicle,writes” Oakland has more than its share of Trayvon Martins”

“They(victims) want to know what the difference is between Trayvon and their child,” “They want to know why the churches and our mayor are concerned about the death of a young man 3,000 miles away when there are so many Trayvons right here in Oakland, California.”   “There are no color boundaries when it comes to our children.”

But when an Oakland mother who has lost a child sees local churches and activists gearing up, determined to do something about a killing so far away, and seemingly oblivious to the near-daily tragedies occurring in their own city, it hurts

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2012/03/29/BA451NS64I.DTL#ixzz1qZizK52T

As the pages turn,we learn that there were some in the police ,did not  believe Zimmerman’s story.  (As you read this-news outlets will ask for copies of  police records)  The police initially categorized the case as “homicide/negligent manslaughter.”  However,the new revelations, contradicts statements  made by the chief of police.   Other contradictions: Initial images of Zimmerman shows a man without injury. Witness statements and a doctor’s report corroborated  Zimmermans  injuries,  A police report said he had a bloody nose and a grass-stained shirt.


(1) Media Awareness Net

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