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Lets be clear, refusing to kiss Helen Staudinger of Fort McCoy Florida has its own set of consequences.

According to the Marion County Sheriff Department, Ms Staudinger 92, went next door to speak with her neighbor Dwight Bettner 52, an argument ensued and Mr Bettner asked Ms Staudinger to leave.   She said she would not leave without a kiss Image result for kiss

Mr Bettner, declined.   Helen is an old school gal, so she went and got her gun and shot up his house, Bettner was hit with flying debris  but not injured .

Staudinger told a cop that she had planned to “shoot his car that he loved so much.” Investigators believe that she instead “fired diagonally through the victim’s carport hitting the house with all four rounds fired.”

Bettner told police he had on going issues with the enchantress for some time and told her he had a girlfriend at which time she threatened to shoot…

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