BIG MAN RIDES: 2012 Toyota Corolla (the big mans says ouch!)

To answer the obvious question…

If your a big man, why would you drive or rent a small car?   Well one, I like small cars, two I’m cheap.

The Toyota Corolla in its present form has been around since 2006 and looks it.   The compact and sub-compact segment is  one of the hottest with nearly a dozen new models introduced in the last couple of years, but don’t cry for the Corolla, its is the best selling car in the world, there are more Corolla’s on the road than Volkswagens Beetles.

The Corolla ,in my opinion is the most important car in  Toyota‘s line.  The car is bulletproof, there are faster cars, cars that handle better but  few are as consistently reliable as the Corolla.    The natural progression is to trade up to the Camry or one of Toyota’s SUV‘s or Trucks.

My Corolla was the mid level LE.  While the control looked dated they were functional and you didn’t need to look for a manual to turn on the radio.    The fit and finish in my Corolla was un-Toyota like with gaps along the dash.  Like the controls, the transmission was dated an old skol 4-speed.

 Big Man vs the Corolla

Six feet four inches tall and over 300 pounds meets America’s Sweetcar.   The initial meeting wasn’t pretty.  My rear end and my head had issues with the Toyota.   After a couple minutes  backing  in was the best way to enter the car.  Inside width wasn’t a problem for the big man, however there wasn’t enough leg room, after adjusting the seat the space was tolerable.

Everything about the car was old skol.   The 132 horsepower 1.8 liter for cylinder was more that adequate for Seattle’s short on ramps.   The old skol four speed transmission was  very good without any abrupt downshifts.  Ford should dump their clunky 6 speed automatic in the Focus and drop this honey in.    The ride was quiet and a bit  on the soft side.  The electric power steering was ok, handing was sound..    In the rain, I found the disc/drum brakes grabby. The 12.i cubic inch truck was well finished.

Radio controls are straight forward with good size buttons…   Sound was fair, missing was Bluetooth.   Six airbags surround the car.  Corolla has a four star crash rating.    Mileage figure for the Corolla 27 city and 34 highway.

The 2012 Toyota Corolla is a very dated car. An all new model will be dealers showrooms by later summer early fall.  If your a big and tall man, the Corolla may not be the car for you.   I pulled over several times due to leg cramps. However, if your a normal size man or women with a couple of young children, you can’t go wrong with this car.  Its soild resale value and its reputation for dependability alone, should make it on to your list of consideration.

Corolla’s start about 16,ooo, the tested car was 17,565.  With an all new model due out soon, discounts are available.

2012 Toyota Corolla best Corolla ever?

Despite its age, the Corolla is till a very competitive car. While most cars have six speed transmissions, the Corolla’s does a good job and in my two day drive, I averaged 27 mpg which is outstanding.

To stay competitive in the car wars, The Japanese and German automakers has recently discontented (cheapened) their new models. The 2011 Honda Civic was one of Consumer Reports highest rated small cars  the 2011 Volkswagen Jetta was also well-regarded.  Both cars were redesigned for 2012 and both cars are now some of the lowest rated small cars tested by the magazine.


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