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An actor who draws attention from or overshadows other actors in the same production, as by charm or quality of performance.

Last year it was Melissa McCarthy in” Bridesmaids” and this year it Is Kevin Hart in “Act like a Lady,Think Like a Man.  In Bridesmaids she was the one you watched, you knew she would do or say something off the wall.    Kevin Hart elevates “Act like a Lady,Think Like a Man” from cute sitcom to an extremely funny movie.   His rapid fire delivery is reminiscent of Chris Tucker with more depth.  Act like a Lady isn’t a chick flick, its a movie women and men will enjoy. Note its not a date movie,subject matter could lead to unwanted conversations.(you know!)

Virgin America @ Sac International?

Kudos, to Sac country for Terminal B, it exceeded the expectations of most locals and it impresses travelers from out of town.   Eastbound non stop flights out of Sac International beyond Denver is challenging .     With the clouds slowly clearing for the airline industry.  SFO International  is adding more International flights and Oakland is growing domestically, the airport has recently become the west coast hub  for the discount carrier Allegiant.    Sacramento recently announced they where in negotiations with Virgin America  Airlines.. This relatively new airline flys to Florida, Boston, Philadelphia ,Chicago and other cities….However, if the county is successful they would fly from Sac to La (What da)!

With the absence of the old decrepid old Host Hotel at the airport a new hotel is needed, lets hope the new hotel will compliment the grander of the new terminal and not a Motel 6

Are you planing to buy a PC in the next year?

If the answer is no, your not alone.   Your seeing fewer laptops at the airports.  For many Smartphones have replaced the laptop. It is projected worldwide  sales of smart phones will exceed PC sales by next yea. .  More app are being written for smartphones then traditional software.

Facebook recently, bought the photo sharing company Instagram for a cool billion dollars..  The San Francisco based copy is eighteen months old and has 10 million users.  Using Facebook on I-phones and Androids is cumbersome and some Instagram will play in important role in making Facebook more user friendly.

A word on the attempts to Build a Downtown Arena


Sinead O’ Conner Cancels North American Tour on Twitter

Not Sure if Sactown was on her schedule…. Sinead O Conner remember this song…….

Citing doctor’s orders, in her struggle with bipolar disorder. After tweeting a farewell to her fans, the singer closed her Twitter account and erased her website. “This account will close tonight for reasons of wishing to be out of limelight and showbiz,” she wrote. “All [are] bad triggers for a woman with a mental illness.”

Sactowns Philharmonic could fade soon

Sacramento is more than a city with a professional basket ball team.  Nearly a half million people live here with varied interests.  As the city squanders hundreds of millions of tax dollars to  build an A****.    An public institution that employes Sacramenticans and benefits another segment or  is quickly fading.  The Sacramento Philharmonic,  if the orchestra doesn’t raise 150,ooo by may first.   Apparently the Philharmonic isn’t worty of local media attention $150,000.

The Yeah Right, We dont Care Section

Stunning actress S ofia Vergara looks so good for her 39 years, she was refused entry to the Ava Lounge at the Dream Midtown(NY) hotel because she didn’t have ID to prove she was over 21. Yeah Right!


In a new unauthorized bio about Simon Cowell, a woman said she and Simon had sex 18 times one night. Yeah right!  bark like a dog Simon?   Simon fetch….

The Kardashiaians will have a reality show in Europe.  Kim is dating Kanye West.  Kourtney Kardashian is preggers. Khloe hates Dallas cant wait to return to La.  Who Friggin Cares!


This is not a picture of Sacramento’s Mayor Kevin Johnson. Who Cares?

Just Sayin For Tuesday April 24.2012