Paul and Belinda Bertoni take their 7 year old granddaughter for a spin on Clark Road

Some SUV‘s can tow up to an 8000 boat or trailer.  So towing your 7 year old granddaugter in her Barbie Car by a couple of dog leashes shouldn’t tax the vehicle right? 

Well that’s what Paul and Belinda Bertoni, proud grandparents thought.

When the Sarasota ,Florida‘ s Sheriff  Dep Ellis saw them on Clark Road, he estimated they were traveling 5-10 miles per hour, towing their granddaughter who was just wearing a swimsuit.

When the Deputy pulled grandpa Paul over  he “reeked of booze and had watery and blood shot eyes.    When he was asked for his drivers license he admitted  his license was revoked for 10 years due to DUI‘s .

Meanwhile  grandma Belinda was  riding in the cargo area (she was also drunk)with the hatch opened, cheering her granddaughter on.

“I KNOW it’s dangerous  but were just having  fun and we’ve been doing this all day” (Belinda Bertoni)

The doting grandparents were charged with child cruelty. Grandpa was also hit with drunk driving and driving with a suspended license.

The two as of sunday are sobering up at the Sarasota County Jail, bond had not been set.

When the child’s father ( Justin Oetting) arrived he had choice words for his mother.  Are you fu***** stupid! you should know better.

So should he… From this day forward, he should NEVER leave any of his children with THIS set of grandparents.



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