Donna Summer ” She is simply hot Stuff”

Sittin’ here eatin’ my heart out waitin- Waitin’ for some lover to call – Dialed about a thousand numbers lately- Almost rang the phone off the wall-  Lookin’ for some hot stuff baby this evenin’
I need some hot stuff baby tonight- I want some hot stuff baby this evenin -‘ Gotta have some hot stuff Gotta have some lovin’ tonight- I need hot stuff- I want some hot stuff-I need some hot stuff

Lookin’ for a lover who needs another-Don’t want another night on my own-Want to share my love with a warm blooded lover-Want to bring a wild man back home- Sittin’ here eatin’ my heart out, no reason-Don’t spend another night on my own-I dialed about a hundred numbers baby
I’m bound to find somebody home

If you remember this song when it first hit the airways , I need you to remove all food’s from your mouth before the next sentence.

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That was THIRTY TWO YEARS ago.    She won a Grammy (1980’s  Best Rock Vocal Performance-Female) and that’s the year I became a fan.

Donna was already a star by then, however, I wasn’t a fan.  Turned off by one of her signature songs “Love to Love you baby” I didn’t think much of her singing voice.  In fact, I didn’t like much what she was doing during when she was under contract with Casablanca Records.   Yes Last Dance was a good record, but I thought it was fluke.

Suddenly there was Hot Stuff, and her attack and delivery of those lyrics…I was fan.   I own three copies of the Bad Girls double album (yes a record) its a large vinyl thing with grooves and you play it on a wind up Victrola.  (Google it)

There are many self proclaimed Disco Queens, many one hit wonders, but Donna is the Queen selling nearly 130 million albums worldwide.

When Disco faded, it ended the careers of many. While Donna’s career slowed it  was far from over.  Donna’ roots were in the church and inspirational songs can be found on some of her later albums .  In  1982  she was a Grammy nominee for– Best Inspirational PerformanceI Believe in Jesus. This is her version of Riding through the Storm.

The music industry is filled with vampires , Casablanca wanted the Disco Donna, Donna wanted to branch into other musical styles… unable to reach a middle ground she left Casablanca for Geffen Records.


Donna was unable to duplicate the successes and previous sales at Casablanca.  While at Geffen Donna learned she still owed Casablanca an album.   The album “She Works Hard For The Money” was one of her all time best selling albums.     None of her Geffen sales came close.

A couple from the Geffen Years

Donna Summer was the first African American female to have a video on MTV in heavy rotation.

Singer,Writer, Actress, Painter, and Grandmother of four,LaDonna Adrian Gaines from Dorchester, Massachusetts belongs to an élite group of American singers  Aretha, Gladys,Patti, and Tina with recording and performing careers of three decades or more.

Donna’s last tour (Crayons) was in 2008.

There are rumors of an album of Standards….  (We’re Waiting)

Home is Nashville, Tennessee.

If your in New York, her next scheduled performance is in East Hampton,New York at the Bay Street Theater on the 5th of July.

This is one of her last filmed performances (Dec 2009) at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, Norway honoring President Obama.  Behind her is the Norwegian Radio Orchestra.

She was 60 at the time of this KILLER performance (notice the face of the conductor). So Beyonc’e, Gaga, Adele and all the other contenders who will rise and fall.  Donna Summer is the real thing, she’s been hott stuff for nearly 40 years… and she’s not cooling down anytime soon.


UPDATE: Donna Summer Died Today (May 17, 2012)

We know there is a BIG Disco ball in Heaven

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  2. She was a great performer, no doubt. But it’s silly and rather demeaning of her to talk about disco balls in heaven, when there really is no evidence that anyone survives their death.

    People live and do things and then die. The results of their actions may continue on, but notions of “resting” and partying in some celestial theme park are childish and simply wishful thinking. Let’s remember her for her great achievements, not construct some fantasy around her death.


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