Despite Very low Poll Ratings a confident Mayor Kevin Johnson refuses to debate or attend voters forums

He has the cash, the celebrity.  So despite record low poll ratings Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson blew off  Sacramento League of Women Voters   North Laguna Creek Neighborhood Association, River Park Neighborhood Association  as well as other groups…..

Johnson’s campaign manager told media in numerous interviews leading up to the forum that Johnson would not attend because the mayor faces “no viable candidates” in the race.

Results Sacramento Bee Poll (Friday, May 18,2012)

What kind of job has Kevin Johnson done as Sacramento mayor?



Total Votes:  601

Four years ago, the Mayor of Sacramento, HeatherFargo, appeared at every forum side by side with a whole pack of candidates viable and otherwise.   It was probably pretty grueling, you know, because of the multiple sclerosis. She needed help getting around, but she showed up to defend her record in public. Meanwhile, Johnson ran around and called Fargo weak and ineffectual, promising a “city that works for everyone.”

Today, Sacramento really doesn’t work for anyone. It’s the city itself that seems exhausted. And the mayor doesn’t show up to debate it.

 Yesterday former Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo endorsed  mayoral candidate  Jonathan Rewers.   Mayor Johnson told reporters “That’s one Vote’ ” Congratulations to him:
Sources: Sacramento Bee, Sacramento Press, ransacmedia, Sacramento News and Review

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15 thoughts on “Despite Very low Poll Ratings a confident Mayor Kevin Johnson refuses to debate or attend voters forums

  1. Despite this being a self selected poll, and despite the shock that Das Bee didn’t manipulate the results, it does conform to both KJ’s own internal polling via the Raimundo firm, as well as indicating a statistically significant trend of just how unpopular this profoundly unfit mayor is in the eyes of Sacramentans… I think that there’s at least a chance that he could lose his seat, even in the June primary…


    1. I was a Fargo supporter however, I thought it was time for a change and didn’t want to see her in for a third term. And while I didn’t vote for KJ. I wanted him to suceed. By his third week in office, my friends called and said there was choas in City Hall as many people said “They were in charge” After spending a number of days in City Hall I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like his adminstration.


  2. What an arrogant ass. I moved here last year and the only thing he cares about is a Arena downtown.


    1. I know I said, I wouldn’t talk about the arena again….(sorry) Everyone said, the Arena in Natomas couldn’t be renovated or expanded. Last night on Fox 40, the architect of the Arena said no one ever contacted him or his office (now of course we knew this and shouldn’t be surprised) and last night with a magic marker he demonstrated how it could be done.


  3. Thanks for reporting this. You see nothing in the Sacramento Bee or TV about this lunatic. It’s if they are working for him. Kevin Johnson is a lousy mayor, I dont know much about they other people running for mayor except for the bail bounty hunter but I would vote for him instead of Kevin Johnson, anyone except him.

    This is my first time here, there is a lot of interesting stuff here..


  4. I want to say that I have never liked Heather Fargo or that other man Tim something, all they cared about was Natomas. I have lived in Curtis Park for 37 years and I voted for Kevin Johnson. Since then, the city has gone downhill, someone stole my car right in front of my house and when I called the police they took three hours. Every time you hear about Kevin Johnson it was about downtown. There are a lot of people who dont go downtown I go the arden cause of the crime downtown and I have never seen a basketball game. I think I wasted my vote, they seem to do what they want to anyway. But I will vote again for anyone other than Kevin Johnson before he run this town into the ground. I have been looking at your news blog and you seem to know a lot. Did you hold office? and if I may, ask what your real name is.

    Tell everyone not to vote for Kevin Johnson Thank you good job

    Rose L Lopez


    1. Not surprised, this is the Sacramento (far left) Bee’s poll after all. Anyways, liberals hate KJ because he isn’t liberal enough, which is a good thing for this city. We need more conservative, Blug Dog Democrats in Sacramento.


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