Purple Royalty Sightings (Prince in Sacramento)

The City is slowly becoming unglued.   There have been Prince sightings throughout the city.  From the Tower Cafe , Cafeteria L15 , record stores and Ruby‘s Launderette on Franklin (ok I made that one up) it seems everyone has seen him everywhere.    Stevie Wonder thought he saw him at Winco Foods in Antelope.

Keeping it real, the reason for this madness is,  this is Sacratomatoville, nice city, good people.   Not a place you’d find a Kardashian ( unless a husband was traded to the Kings).   Being the Capitol city of Californyland  celebrities  do visit for an hour or two but they stay long enough to take a picture.  Then is off to the Executive Airport.

Our paparazzi ,(the Miller Girls) Agnes with her Kodak Instamatic 124 and Ethel  Miller  who prefers black and whites with her Polaroid Land camera ,  seem to have a lock on all the celebrities, the Sac Kings and the Ladies at the Lush Salon on I Street.

The Rumormill is working overtime and is on fire( I’m telling you the city is worked UP) with nearly every station claiming they have the skinny (did I say that?…yes I did!)

Some of the clubs have said he has reserved booths  ( yeah,right- but some numb nuts will buy it!)

If he does land a club, it will be one of five..

I have contacts in three of the five  and either they don’t know or their lying to me.(if thats the case-no more late night Twinky drops)

The Bee says ,His shopping partner  at Dimple Records was Andy Allo, a singer from Cameroon who now calls Sacramento home and has collaborated with Prince.

Expect the Downtown/Midtown Clubs to be packed…..   this weekend its gonna be in triple digits ( for those who live in the Pacific Northwest, that means its gonna be over a hundred)
An OMG moment ( Prince is 54)

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