Basketball Wives Minus 3-Jennifer,Royce,Kesha Fired!

Jennifer Williams, Royce Reed and Kesha Nichol have had their last on air argument, last    on air fight.

In the last regular episode of the season Queen Bee and co producer  Shaunie O’Neal was talking to her pastor, who recommended changes.      She is adamant,  it’s not her fault that the cast members were axed and insists she learned the surprising casting news when everyone else did.

uh huh!

In recent months the show has been criticized for its excessive violence.

Interesting, everyone in her circle  including the table leaping bottle throwing Evelyn Lozada  will return.   Tami Roman who can throw a serious punch, will also return.     Speaking of Evelyn, a huge whew is in order after New England Patriots dropped her man, Chad (Chad Javon Johnson) Ochocinco, like he was cold. Fortunately, the Miami Dolphins picked him up.

Jennifer Williams was rapidly fading and headed to ultimate  self destruction. 1. Forget Evelyn, ignoring the Queen Bee was an major error.  2. Is suing  K cast member  Nia Crooks  after the producers told her to drop it. Sealed her fate.

Royce Reed also dissed the Queen, and she wasn’t in the drama. This is a reality show and reality show are about (What?) DRAMA!

Kesha Nichol firing was a no brainer, she is too nice.  If she fought with Kenya Bell or took a punch (scary) from Tami Roman, she would still be around.  Nice on a reality show is like dead air, see ya Kesha.

Kenya Bell , is custom made for reality TV, she is completely off the hook strange.  She is creepy and she’s Kooky, mysterious and spooky.


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